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5 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools used to help people to save a lot of time. A Best Twitter Marketing Tool can save Thousands of hour for Twitter Marketing. Using the Tools, you can maintain your posts and schedule your posts and a lot of things you can do. But all aren’t free, you have to buy them, but you can use the trial freely. Some tools are free to use but only for some features. Forgetting all the features, you have to buy the premium version of tools. So, now read about the Best Twitter Marketing Tools and get one. So you can control your Twitter account easily for marketing. We have our recommendation to use below tools. Because they are the best tools, we have ever seen.

5 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

05:  Hootsuite

Hootsuite has 4 four plans for you to buy. the No-1 Plan is- PROFESSIONAL. Using this plan/package, you can handle your 10 Twitter Profile and below features,
1. Bulk Scheduling
2. Robust analytics
3. Unlimited RSS integrations
4. $500 per month advertisement spend limit to boost posts, and the last plan is for Enterprise which is awesome, and you’ll get all the features that you want. That’s customizable features only for you if you take that. You can talk to the Hootsuite customer support, and you can share your plans with them. Then they will fix a budget according to your requirement. But yeah! Don’t forget to ask for a discount!

04: Buffer

They are providing 5 plans to buy for a customer. The first one is free which mean is without cost. But you won’t get all the features. Free is only for few features. For Business Plans, you will get all the features. Below feature’s, they are providing to a customer,
1. Social accounts Amount
2. Additional team members (Available Only for Business Plan)
3. Scheduled posts per social account
4. Social networks (without Pinterest for free user and premium member can have Pinterest also)
5. Browser extension
6. Mobile apps: iOS + Android
7. Pablo: Image creator
8. Video and GIF: Uploader
9. RSS feed (Free user aren’t available for this feature)
10. Calendar (Free user aren’t available for this feature)
10. Link shortening and tracking
11. Social analytics (Free user aren’t available for this feature)
12. Advanced social analytics (Free user aren’t available for this feature)

03: AgoraPulse

They are giving for plans to buy for marketing and management. They don’t have any free plans as like Buffer, but you can use the trial version for a while. They’re providing below facilities, and that’s for Enterprise member only.

  • 40 profiles, 12 users
  • Add-on Profile $6/mo
  • Add-on User $39/mo
  • Social inbox
  • Listening
  • Publishing
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Social CRM
  • Content queues
  • Queue categories
  • Chrome extension
  • Mobile App
  • Automated moderation
  • Facebook competitor analysis
  • Facebook ROI calculator
  • Data retention (24 mo)
  • Priority email & chat support
  • Advanced Sync
  • Ad comments monitoring (100)
  • Team workflow

and supported networks are, “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube” which mean, they’re not providing the Pinterest support.

02: CoTweet

They’re only support who are providing every type of marketing support and solutions. Visit the Salesforce to see pricing.

01: ManageFlitter

They have three packages, “Free, Professional/Pro, and Business“.
1. Account Cleanup
2. Grow your account
3. Analytic Reporting
4. Tweeting & Engagement
5. Business Features
above facilities are providing by them.


A Best Twitter Marketing Tools can save your thousands of time. We have our recommendation which is the best that we have ever seen and used. Hootsuite is the Best Tools for Twitter Marketing. But choose that social marketing tools that have all the facilities that you’re looking for, and it’ll be best for you.