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Top Newspapers In The world

Top Newspapers In The world

Top Newspapers In the world: Hello, Today I’m going to discuss Top Newspapers In the world. Man is naturally curious to know about various things of the world. The newspaper is the best medium to satisfy the curiosity.It is a paper to carry the news to us. The more you read, the more you learn. We are now live in global village. We connected to each other. That’s why we have to know each other. Newspapers play an important role in this matter. We are happy to present this section of world top five newspapers.

  • The Guardian (UK)
  • The Wall Street Journal (USA)
  • The Washington Post (USA)
  • The New York Times (USA)
  • China Daily(China)

Top Newspapers In the world:

01.The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most popular newspaper. It was first published on 5 may in 1821. The main purpose was to promote the liberal interest. The Guardian appoint a readers’ editor in 1997 so it’s become the first national newspaper. The Guardian started developing online publication in 1994-1995. It has significantly developed and expanded its digital operations in recent years. Every day millions of people wait for reading this newspaper.

02. The Wall Street Journal (USA)

 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street  Journal is one of the largest newspaper in the USA. It is a business-focused newspaper.The newspaper is published online in the broadsheet format.The journal has been printed continuously since July 8, in 1889. It has won 40 Pulitzer prizes through 2017 and convert its name from Wall Street in the heart of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

03. The Washington Post (USA)

 The Washington Post (USA)
The Washington Post is a daily newspaper in the USA. It founded on December 6, in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins. Hutchins sold the newspaper to Frank Hatton in 1889. Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper from Grahan family in 2013. Currently, The newspaper owned by Nash Holdings LLC.The newspaper won approximate 47 Pulitzer prizes.

04. The New York Times (USA)

The New York Times(USA)

The New York Times is morning daily newspaper published in New York City. It is one of the world’s great newspapers. Editorial excellence its main strength; In terms of circulation, it has never been the largest newspaper. It was established as a penny paper in 1851. Its earned early success for its editors.The Times has been using technology to expand its circulation.In 2006 The Times started an electronic version, the Times Reader, which permitted subscribers to download the current print edition. This newspaper is very popular in every USA region.

05. China Daily(China)

 China Daily
China Daily newspaper published for those who wish to improve their English language in China. It established in 1981. It has several branch offices in most major cities in China as well as several majors foreign cities such as NewYork city, Washington D.C, London etc. In 1995, China daily established the digital edition. Its another name is “window to China”. Its headquarters is in Beijing. This newspaper is very popular for every kind of people.
This is the Top Newspapers In the world. Hopefully, you like this post. If you think this article is helpful don’t forget to share. Enjoy your time and stay with us.


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