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Top 10 Popular YouTubers In Bangladesh

Top 10 Popular YouTubers In Bangladesh

Top 10 Popular YouTubers In Bangladesh: Since its arrival in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most significant sites on the web. It is the most popular way to share video content with a mass audience. Thus many people visit this site regularly to watch their favourite celebrity or songs. There are many local YouTube page also which monitored by local YouTubers. These YouTubers has also become famous for their creativity. Here in this article, we will feature on top-rated Bangladeshi YouTubers and their sites.

Top 10 Popular YouTubers In Bangladesh:

Deshi Blogger :

Besides blogging, I have always loved YouTube. For the one years I have been working on YouTube, so I highlight myself before highlighting the best YouTube channel in Bangladesh. My channel name is Deshi blogger and I try to upload about Affiliate Marketing, Make Money online, tech-related video every day.

10. Naziba Naushin

Naziba Naushin

Naziba Naushin runs this channel and also named by her. Here she provides you tutorials about makeup and learn how to make up boxes technique, pretty pictures watch. This video educates you about recent fashion trend and terminology. This channel achieved immense popularity among young girls of the country. Till now, it has 2,446 subscribers, and every day it’s increasing.

09. Prank King Entertainment

Prank King Entertainment

Like its name, the ‘Prank King Entertainment’ is a Social Awareness Prank & Funny Video Production house. Some of the young Bangladeshi talents maintain this YouTube channel. Arthik Sazib is the person behind of all these talented collaborations. On Aug 25, 2013, he opened the channel. He is now playing the role of CEO, and Director of this channel. Till date, it uploads more than 80 videos and has 469,766 subscribers.

08. BongoBD


It’s another rapid growing YouTube channel of Bangladesh. BongoBD is a film, and Bangla Drama related YouTube channel. Though it has its original series that will give you entertainment worth lifetime. Here you will find daily entertainment content of Bangla Natok, Movie, and so on. It started its journey on Aug 25, 2014. Till now, the channel gained 554,873 subscribers and 255,451,409 views.

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Young YouTube personality Tawhid Afridi is in behind of this channel. It founded on Feb 3, 2015, and is getting the immense popularity quickly. This channel is mainly publishing comedic content with the variety of exciting characters, full of punch lines and non-stop comedic elements. It covers 421,053 subscribers and 33,922,139 views till now.



It’s been over one year now that this YouTube page founded. Within a few days, it gets a massive acceptance among viewers. ZakiLOVE OFFICIAL mainly provides comic content through its videos. Making viewers smile and making them laugh is the channel’s primary motive. It lifts its reputation day by day with encouraging 110,939 subscribers and gets 6,030,830 views till now.

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05. Gaan Friendz

Gaan Friendz

There were a bunch of friends connected through music. Once they decided to start a YouTube channel based on music in a different style. That’s how the story begins with ‘Gaan FriendZ.’ They started it with fun, but gradually it became fashionable. This channel is mainly based on the different representation of favorite songs and its parody. With encouraging popularity, it receives 400,473 subscriber and 25,712,390 views till now.

04. Mango Squad

Mango Squad

After getting at the air on Oct 12, 2014, this channel is gathering huge craze. Now it conceives 295,987 subscribers and 13,594,802 views. Shamim Hasan Sarkar is the leader of Mango Squad. By profession, he is a civil engineer. But at the same time, he spends his time on Mango Squad. This channel is one of the most viewed YouTube channels of Bangladesh. Mango Squad mainly works on making a diverse range of videos and content on social awareness, music, and so on. Besides Shamim Hasan, a bunch of creative video maker works on this page and excellence of those makers is topnotch.

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03. Bangla Talkies

Bangla Talkies

Bangla Talkies is yet another popular YouTube site of Bangladesh. Here it has 324,884 subscribers and 24,793,423 views till now. The page started its journey on Oct 20, 2016. It gives you the various content of videos on fun, comedy, social awareness, music, etc.

02. BhaiBrothers LTD

BhaiBrothers LTD

BhaiBrothers LTD is one of the tops ranked YouTube channel in Bangladesh. It has 357,732 subscribers and 36,903,056 views till now. It started its journey on Mar 3, 2014. Asif Bin Azad, Rudro Tahsinn, Rankin Absar are the three-person behind this project. There are fantastic crew and other members also, behind the camera. These bunch of talent loves to make videos, and their video content mainly relates to Stories, Sketches, Skits, Pranks, Music, Web episodes, Talk Shows, Short Films, social experiment, etc.

01. SalmoN The brownish

SalmoN TheBrownFish

Salman Muqtadir is the person behind this channel. SalmoN TheBrownFish is a YouTube channel that provides you tons of information on various matters Shots movies, Drama. Here in this channel, videos will provoke you to laugh and to learn at the same time. Their video content mainly relates to Pranks, Music, Web episodes, Talk Shows, Short Films, social experiment, etc. It also functions as an entertainment blog. Nowadays, it has 651,665 subscribers and day by day it’s increasing.

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So, this is the list of Top 10 Popular YouTubers In Bangladesh. Hopefully, you like this post. If you think this article is helpful, don’t forget to share with others. Subscribe us for latest news and updates.