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Most Popular Fashion Magazines In The World

Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World: A magazine is a popular platform for digital media. There are many genres of magazines in this industry such as movies, fashion, technology, sports, fitness, and health, etc. The magazines are handy as they provide new and improved ideas for a better life.

Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World :

10. W

W Fashion Magazines

This American fashion magazine created in 1972 under the publisher of famous magazine ‘Women’s Wear Daily.’ Nowadays, W is published by an American mass-media company ‘Conde Nast.’ It has a reader base of nearly half a million, and most of them are female. Estimation says that with 469,000 annual subscribers they have an average household income of $135,840. Often they published controversial featured stories and covers. In spite of this, they get good responses from its intended audience.

09. Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue Fashion Magazines

By its name, it’s clear that ‘Teen Vogue’ is the sister publication of famous fashion magazine Vogue. It launched in 2003. Like Vogue, it features stories about fashion and celebrities. It also focuses on politics and current affairs. Since 2016, Teen Vogue has achieved substantial growth in traffic to its website. Therefore, the authority of Teen Vogue decides to run it online. From 2 November 2017, it ceases its print edition and continues as an online-only publication.

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08. Elle

Elle Fashion Magazines

Elle is one of the top listed international fashion magazines. It established in 1945 in France. Besides fashion, it also focuses on topics related to the environment, health and beauty. In 1969, for the first time, it went international. Now it publishes in 60 countries and has around 43 editions. Elle generates over 33 websites and attracts 25 million visitors are around the world. It has a readership base of nearly 69 million, and most of the readers are young and female.

07. Glamour

Glamour Fashion Magazines

This USA based fashion magazine first published in 1939. American mass-media company ‘Conde Nast’ was then the publisher of this magazine. It also publishes in few other countries like- UK, Russia, France, Spain, etc. It’s published once in a month. It owns a wide readership across the world and mainly targets the young audience. Glamour is also the first fashion magazine to feature an African-American as the cover model. It also organizes annual awards named as ‘Women of the Year.’

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06. Esquire

Esquire Fashion Magazines

Esquire is an American men’s fashion magazine. The Hearst Corporation of USA publishes it. Esquire started its journey in 1933. From then it flourishes under the guidelines of its founders. Arnold Gingrich, David A. Smart, Henry L. Jackson are the three pioneer of its creation. They also worked as editors of their magazine. Esquire features articles primarily on luxury design and culture, style, and fashion. They put focus also on features related to music, sports, food, business, and technology.

05. Marie Claire

Marie Claire Fashion Magazines

Marie Claire, the France-based magazine, is famous for elaborating the global issues, fashion, beauty and health topics. Again their feature focuses mainly on women around the world. The first issue of Marie Claire published in 1937. French politician, businessman, and media owner Jean Prouvost and novelist-journalist Marcelle Auclair are the people behind this creation. This internationally recognized magazine appeared once in a month. It reaches out to 5 continent and 35 countries and prints in 24 languages. It also reaches out to the audience in the Middle East.

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04. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Fashion Magazines

It’s a US-based international magazine of popular culture, fashion and current affairs. It began its empire by purchasing the men’s fashion magazine Dress in 1913. But later it turned out to a real magazine. The magazine prints articles on a variety of topics like- fashion, life, health, fitness, culture, etc. Currently, there are five international editions of Vanity Fair. At its 100th anniversary in 2013, Vanity Fair co-produced ten short films to celebrate each decade of its journey. They also launch their own YouTube in the same year.

03. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Fashion Magazines

Cosmopolitan starts as a family magazine in 1886. But afterward, it converts as a fashion magazine in 1965. It features topics like- fashion, relationships, beauty, career, health, etc. Hearst Corporation is the publisher of this magazine. It published in 110 countries with 35 languages and 64 editions globally. It gives awards for different categories like- Cosmo blog awards, fun and fearless female and male of the year.

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02. GQ

GQ Fashion Magazines

GQ is an international fashion and style magazine from New York, USA. It founded in 1931 for the cause of clothing trade. But gradually it changes its vision and turns into a proper magazine. It’s men’s fashion magazine that focuses on style, fashion, and culture for men. It delivers articles on fitness, food, movies, sex, music, sports, travel, technology, books, etc. Estimation shows that in the USA GQ prints 824,334 issues per month.

01. Vogue

Vogue Fashion Magazines

Vogue is one of the top-ranked fashion magazines in the world. This American international fashion and lifestyle magazine started its journey in 1892. At first, it publishes in the form of a newspaper and on a weekly basis. But later it turns out to a monthly magazine. It shows different aspects of culture, fashion, beauty through its features. British Vogue was the first international edition of its which launched in 1916. Nowadays, there are 22 international editions of Vogue. ‘Vogue App’ is the recent inclusion of this brand. Their app can provide new content every day and, people can choose to receive content from their taste.

So, this is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World. Hopefully, you like this post. If you think this article is helpful don,’t forget to share with others. Subscribe us for latest news and updates.



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