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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2018: Corruption problem is Globally increasing day by day. According to zeomac.com, this is the top 10 most corrupt countries in the World report. Internationally corruption rising day by day. we are suffering from this problem unaccountably. We are providing best corrupt countries ranking full list here. This ranking measure by an online survey.

Most Corrupt Countries in the World List 

According to our online survey ranking list given below :

SLCountry NameCorrupt RankBest Countries Ranking Full List
1South Sudan10Best Countries Ranking : 54
2Eritrea09Best Countries Ranking : 59
3Libya08Best Countries Ranking : 56
4Venezuela07Best Countries Ranking : 49
5Sudan06Best Countries Ranking : 45
6Afghanistan05Best Countries Ranking : 43
7Iraq04Best Countries Ranking : 44
8Somalia03Best Countries Ranking : 55
9North Korea02Best Countries Ranking : 32
10Nigeria01Best Countries Ranking : 57

10. South Sudan Corruption Report

South Sudan Corruption Report

South Sudan is an African country. It is famous as youngest country after gaining independence in 2011. After independence, the people here experienced a lot of joy but they also suffered from serious issue like corruption and uneven economical situations. Till now they lack a perfect and proper government that can move its economy running forward. The nation lacks systems to combat frauds among government officials. A report shows that in 2005 billions of money in government funds stole by government officials. Here common people are the sufferer. These situations put the nation as one of the top listed corrupted countries of the world.

09. Eritrea Corruption Report

Eritrea Corruption Report

Eritrea is another African country that is dealing a bad condition in economic sector. Again here the main reason behind it is the corruption. It considers as serious and growing problem. A 2016 research shows Eritrea as amongst corrupt countries in that year. It is a matter of sorrow that after isolating itself from other African Countries, Eritrea didn’t get the fruit from it. Rather, commercial activities of this country controlled by greedy government officials.

08. Libya Corruption Report

Libya Corruption Report

Libya is another Africa country that makes its place on top 10 corrupted countries of the world. It makes eighth position of this article. This country belong a history of being led by a single president for 4 decade. President Muammar Gaddafi resembles as most corrupt and dictating person worldwide. In his ruling, he owned most seats but no change took place in Libya. Oil production is the main reason on Libya’s richness. But all productive sweet goes to the ruler and common people remain neglected. Revenue does not benefit any local citizen. It is so sad that innocent people are suffering in this country.

07. Venezuela Corruption Report

Venezuela Corruption Report

Venezuela stands on seventh position on this list. It is yet a vicious corrupt country of this world. President Hugo Chavez remarks as amongst world dictators worldwide. He wants to successes in his life without paying heed to about other local citizens. Citizens here are very poor and cannot perceive even water for themselves. The scarcity of food is there and common people even concede those problems. Venezuela will only change if corrupt leaders uprooted from throne.

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06. Sudan Corruption Report

Sudan Corruption Report

There are differences between South Sudan and Sudan. However, South Sudan and Sudan are neighboring countries in Africa. They share a lot of similarities too. Corruption is one of the major similarities. President Omar Al Bashir rules Sudan since 1989. This man brought power not to favor local citizens but to fertilize himself. Leaders under him are corrupt too and cannot rule it because it comes from upper authority. Rebel counterpart of South Sudan always excess their weak voices to speak for themselves.

05. Afghanistan Corruption Report

 Afghanistan Corruption Report

Afghanistan features in fifth position of this article. In 2016 statistics of Transparency International ranks Afghanistan 169th place out of 176 countries. Corruption affects the fixity and economic growth of this country. But here it becomes unrestrained now and the hope of solution is less as the backbone shackled badly. A 2011 survey shows that after ‘Insecurity’ and ‘Unemployment’, ‘Corruption’ is the third biggest problem in the country. It becomes now pervasive, systematic and established! Opposition leaders have no rights to say words in this country and therefore have no way to raise their voices.

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04. Iraq Corruption Report

Iraq Corruption Report

Iraq is popular middle-east country featuring as one of most corrupt counties in the world. This Islamic country is prone to disorder and chaos. All the levels of government is pervasive here. A survey from Transparency International shows that people are not satisfied with government’s efforts in fighting corruption. It considers obstacle in all types of development including business. Contractors of government involve in high-levels of illicit activity and development contracts mainly get political leaders. There are many opportunities to invest here in Iraq but the situation is narrow.

03. Somalia Corruption Report

Somalia Corruption Report

Yet an Africa country listed here in this article. We found a non-stable government for a long time now. A threat of a famous and dangerous terror group named Al Shaabab active here. This group is causing a lot of terror in Somalia and also in few neighbouring countries like Kenya, Tanzania etc. Leaders are inactive and corrupted as the same time. They are also afraid of fighting against the terror group.

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02. North Korea Corruption

North Korea Corruption Report

There is an inclusion of an Asian country on this list. It’s North Korea. The country owns the second position corruption in the world. A survey indicates ‘corruption’ as the growing problem in North Korea. North Korea perceives the most corrupt public system. There you will find the lack of independence in media and other stuff. The government of Kim Jong establishes poor governance in police and judiciary system. Having Bribes and kickbacks are the natural way of life for North Korean officials.

01. Nigeria Corruption Report

Nigeria Corruption Report

It’s shameful that Nigeria stands on the top. Nigeria is the most violent Cities in the World. It supposes that its revenues help this country to grow its economy and improve the lives of the people. But the reality is different. The political leaders are benefiting from this revenues. Many Anti-corruption campaigns have been held by the government. But nothing works because of the enactment of laws and the enforcement of integrity systems.

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So, this is the list of Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2018. Hopefully, you like this post. If you think this article is helpful don’t forget to share with others.Subscribe us for latest news and updates.

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