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Top 10 IOS Apps For Learning English

Top 10 IOS Apps for learning English

Top 10 IOS Apps for learning English: Hello, everyone today I’m going to share your top 10 IOS apps for learning English. English is an essential communication way at present. So, Everyone should try to talk fluently in English. There are many effective ways to develop your learning of English. You can be a part of online courses, traditional institutions, Educational forum or can get the help of your home tutors too. Here we will address the top 10 apps for learning English and also will have a small discussion on these apps.

Duolingo :


If you are looking for quickest English learning technique than ‘Duolingo’ would be the best choice. This app structures your learning process by giving the award on every skill test. Thus users get the ardent push to learn. You have to use this app for 20 minutes a day. And then you can gradually feel the differences between you.

Phrasalstein :

Fear of using phrasal verbs is the standard issue in practicing English. On this matter, Phrasalstein is the solution or I should the appropriate app on which you can rely on. This app will teach you phrasal verbs by using animation with a glimpse of irony and humor. More or less, you can call it the phrasal verbs machine that can help you to lose your fear of phrasal verbs of English language.

Memrise :


You can call this Memrise app as ‘A crowd-sourced learning platform.’ As you will find differences of courses and thousands of learning videos that are formed by other members of Memrise community. You will get this app service even on offline! Therefore by using this app, you can also continue your learning without an internet connection.

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge :

Johnyy Grammar’s Word Challenge

You can call it ‘Timed quiz app,’ as it makes up for a situation where you have to answer as many grammar, vocabulary and spelling questions within the time range of 60 seconds. By using this fun and exciting app, you can gradually improve your vocabulary. It also arranges in a way that you can compete in this quiz competition with your friend or other competitors too.

LearnEnglish Grammer :

LearnEnglish Grammer
It’s a British council developed product, apparently concerned with natural English learning process. This app provides you with a series of practices regarding multiple-choice questions and sentence re-ordering.

SpeakingPal English Tutor :

SpeakingPal English Tutor

It’s again another quickest way to learn English on your ios or mobile. SpeakingPal features an enhancing speech recognition system that keeps eyes on your progress on every word you speak. It allows you to practice English with video characters. It also takes grammar, vocabulary, spelling and comprehensive quizzes.

My WordBook 2:

My WordBook 2


Here, you will get a different option to recognize words. In this app, you will have interacted through flashcards that contain sounds, pictures, and sentences. And by this way of interactive flashcards, you can able to learn critical English words. Here all the word data and words are created by Cambridge University Press learner dictionaries.

Bussu :



Busuu, the app, becomes the platform for those who want to practice their English with native speakers. Now, throughout the world, it has been an excellent source of learning different language including English. You will get lots of quizzes, tests and audio dialogues on using this app.

Fun Easy Learn English :

Fun Easy Learn English
This app comes with a smooth and fun new way to learn English. It provides you the entertainment option like listening music, speech, and many other things. It also opens the bar and makes opportunities for chatting with foreign friends. Through these exercises, it encourages kids to learn speaking English quickly.


Lingua.lyHere in this app, the functionality is pretty different as it turns your web content into your language-learning opportunities! So, you will never complain about the lack of variety on it. This app will judge your level and range of vocabulary first and then gradually aim to serve you texts in which you would be familiar with 90% of vocabulary.

So, this is the top 10 ios apps for learning this English. Hopefully, you like this. If you think this article is helpful, don’t forget to share with others.



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