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Things To Do In Honolulu Today | Travel Guide | Booking


Honolulu is the island of Oahu’s south shore, is a capital of Hawaii gateway to the U.S island chain.

Honolulu is an ancient place in the world Today. The city is also a major hub for international merchandise and military fence. It was famous for the host of several varieties of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine, and heritage.Waikiki surroundings are the various kernel, dining, nightlife shopping, leading to its iconic crescent sea. The beach backed by palms and high-rise hotels, with volcanic Diamond Head crater looming in the way.

Honolulu Google Map :

Center map

Honolulu tourist attractions :

Honolulu is surroundings precious and iconic tourist attractions, That is really exciting Fact for the tourist.It has more romantic and historical places such as Pearl Harbour, Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Falls, Iolani Palace, Foster Botanical Garden, Bishop Museum and Planetarium and so on.
Honolulu tourist attractions

#1.Waikiki :

Waikiki is famous for its beaches. It’s located on the south shore of Honolulu. Waikiki is Oahu’s main lodge and resort area and a vibrant gathering place for visitors from around the world. Along the primary strip of Kalakaua Avenue, you’ll find world-class shopping, dining, resorts, activities, and entertainment.
The main Attractions of Waikiki are the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium etc. You can experience the history of Waikiki through the surfboard markers along the Waikiki Historical Trail.You can find here high-end boutiques Shops and Restaurants, Royal Hawaiian Center, The Waikiki Beach Walk, and the newly transformed International Market Place etc.After the Waikiki sunset, you can enjoy their nightlife and live music and dance.

#2.Foster Botanical Garden :

Foster Botanical Garden (5.5 ha) long. This Garden is 1 of 5 botanical gardens on Oahu. It’s a naturally organized for tourist. Foster Botanical Garden is situated at fifty North Vineyard Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Foster Botanical Garden
It is in an extremely urban area with strip malls, schools, and both Methodist and Buddhist religious facilities here.
This Garden is the ancient botanical garden in Hawaii and listed on the (NRH) National Register of Historic Places.
Foster Botanical Garden has many natural and ancient trees such as palms, aroids, heliconias, gingers, herbs, spices, dyes, poisons, Prehistoric Glen primitive, Hybrid Orchid etc.

#3. Lyon Arboretum :

Lyon Arboretum is approximate (200-acre) botanical garden. It’s guided by the University of Hawaii at Manoa placed at the upper end of Manoa value. Arboretum’s Botanic assortment consists of a man-made lowland tropical forest with various trails and small waterfalls. Among the close to 200 acres of land, guests can notice an outsized collection of assorted sorts of palm trees, Gingers, Heliconias, and alternative tropical plants. There are a variety of spectacular “themed” gardens here, like the Herb & Spice garden, Hawaiian garden, and therefore the Ethnobotanical garden simply to call some. The paths that run through this tropical forest are well-maintained and are appropriate for hikers of all skills. ‘Aihualama Falls, placed at the tip of the most path, is little however lovely and is definitely worth the trip when an honest rain.Lyon Arboretum is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm and on Saturday from 9am-3pm, closed on Sunday.
Lyon Arboretum

#4.Manoa Falls :

Manoa Falls outstanding waterfall, located in the Manoa Valley in Honolulu, Hawaii. Manoa Falls is situated on the Manoa Falls Trail which is a 1.6-mile trail in on the Island of Oahu. The trail guidance up to the 150-foot waterfall. Swimming in the pool below the waterfall is highly discouraged from there is a threat of becoming transited with Leptospirosis.This illness reason mild to moderate flu-like symptoms that can last for up to 1 to 3 weeks.Many tourists enjoy the waterfall and the scenery.Another attraction near Manoa Falls is the Lyon Arboretum botanical garden.
Manoa Falls

#5.Bishop Museum  :

Bishop Museum named the Hawaiʻi State Museum of Natural and Cultural. Bishop Museum is also of history and culture science place. Its situated in the historic Kalihi district of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island. Flourished in 1889, it is the greatest museum in Hawai’i. It is the world’s greatest collection of Polynesian cultural artifacts and natural history specimens. Besides the mass exhibits of Hawaiiana, the museum’s total holding of natural history pattern exceeds 24 million.It has enriched historical and Hawaiian are the very proud feeling for it.
Bishop Museum

#6.Lolani Palace :

Lolani Palace is a loving restoration of a proud Hawaiian national identity. It’s religious and physical multi-cultural geographical points of Hawaii. In 1882 by King Kalakaua, Iolani Palace was the house of Hawaii’s last pregnant monarchs. Registered as a National Historic Landmark since 1962 and conjointly the only official royal residence at intervals us, the Palace is one of all the most recognizable buildings in Hawaii.
Iolani Palace
Receptive the general public for guided tours, the primary floor consists of the general public reception areas – the Grand Hall, State eating area, Blue Room, and Throne room – whereas the second floors showcase the personal suites, including the King and Queen’s suites, Music Room, and also the Imprisonment area.

 #7.USS Arizona Memorial :

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial is spectacular historical place in world history. It conveys a long history of USS Arizona memorial, at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. Arizona Memorial reminds us a Japanese sudden attack on Pearl Harbor. Many navigators and Marines killed during the Japanese surprise attack. It’s held on December 7, 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor and the island of Oʻahu guided to the United States’ direct involvement in World War II. The Arizona Memorial built in 1962. More than 2.5 million international people come here annually. Historical knowledge about this assault, shuttle boats to and from the memorial, the visitor can gain knowledge through it. The USS Arizona Memorial is opening in 1980, operated by the National Park Service.

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Top beaches in Honolulu :

#1.Lanikai Beach :

Lanikai Beach is located in Lanikai, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. It’s a community town in Kailua.It is tremendous and Luxuries beach on all Oahu beaches.This Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in the world in the present time.It will touch your Dreams and you will be feeling your dreams come true in your real life. Lanikai beach means is ” heavenly sea”. Adjacent to Lanikai Beach is a mainly upper-class residential area.
Lanikai Beach

 #2.Kailua Beach Park :

Kailua Beach Park is a typical Beach in Oahu. This Beach is second most beautiful out of all the Oahu Beaches. Kailua Beach Park neighborhood beaches are most beautiful Lanikai Beach.
Its situated on the easterly coastline, where the ocean waters are as deep turquoise blue as they get, and equally resemble with a surprisingly soft, white powder sand. Its also well known for the romantic Beach in Oahu. Every day people come here to expanding their romantic time with family and friends.It’s a great travel place in recent time in Oahu.
Kailua Beach Park

#3.Ala Moana Beach Park:

Ala Moana Beach Park is an open general park on the island of Oahu. Beach Park located downtown of Honolulu. Ala Moana Beach near about 100-acre park has a wide gold-sand beach that is over a half-mile long. This makes it an excellent venue for long-distance swimmers. There are 25-foot-deep swimming channel and a former boat channel here. Ala Moana Beach Park is a free public park on the island of Oahu. It’s a most amazing island on Oahu.

#4.Kaimana Beach :

Kaimana Beach is a wide beach in Honolulu. You can enjoy their shallow, calm water. Kaimana Beach is a nice familiar beach. Many locals citizen like to visit here. It’s protected by a wide reef, nearshore ocean bottom has shallow and sandy. Kaimana Beach is an access point for surfers. It’s also the place where an important historic event took place on December 28, 1902. The steamship Silvertown, which came from San Francisco and had laid a submarine cable from California to Hawaii, anchored here after a 12-day passage of the ocean.


#5.North Shore Beach Bus:

North Shore Beach Bus is a tour agency in Hawaii Oahu.They provide the best of the North Shore along with the Hanauma Bay Park.
The tour is planning only for the traveler to leave the crowded quick paced environment of Waikiki. Everyone can enjoy some of the scenic relaxed beaches. The day starts by taking you right away from Waikiki to Oahu’s world-famous North Shore. North Shore has many popular destinations such as Waimea Bay Beach Park, Banzai Pipeline etc. Tsue’s Farm has arranging Lunch for all visitor. It was well-known as Turtle Town. Tsue’s Farm serves best coconut shrimp on the island. You can enjoy different activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling etc. You can spend your time to visiting with the beautiful turtles over at Turtle Beach.


The best place to stay in Honolulu :

There are many travel destination to stay here.Honolulu has a most adorable place in the world. You can be booking your desired destination in down below.

  • Hanauma Bay
  • Diamond Head
  • ocean sports
  • Honolulu Zoo
  • Waikiki
  • Waikiki Aquarium
  • Lolani place
  • Downtown Honolulu
  • Manoa Falls


This is the things to do in Honolulu today.Hopefully, you learn many things in this article.If you find this article is helpful don’t forget to share.

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