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Summer Cold: Causes & Symptoms and Remedies

vitamin C boost your immune system

What is a Summer cold?



Summer Cold

Generally cold in the summer, it is summer cold. There is no severe weather; you do not eat any frozen food. But you suddenly notice that you suffer summer cold. It is a very annoying one. Although it does not do any particular harm or there is no terrible risk. Although you do not feel sick, you will not be able to go ahead in front of anyone. Your nose will continue to flow water, so that you may have to wear a stressful environment.

Summer cold causes:

The real reason for this cold is the weather change. Your body can not bear the sudden change in weather. The result of this is summer cold. Besides, those who have allergies may feel cold in the summer. Typically, due to a virus attack called rhinovirus, you may feel summer cold. This cold which occurs due to a virus can easily transfer from one to another.

Symptoms of summer cold:

Symptoms of summer cold

Whenever you have a summer cold, you will see some common traits. Your throat can sit. Because of your summer cold, you can not speak properly. Moreover, your nose will keep the fluid, which is very annoying. After a short period, your head will feel a bit heavy, and you will feel a headache. If you feel cold, the particular symptom that you will see is unintentional. If you feel cold, the food flavour decreases.

Home remedies for a summer cold: 

10: Ginger

Ginger for summer cold

If you have a cold summer, you can prepare internal medicines with ginger. Ginger is a most powerful natural anti-inflammatory for the summer cold.

What you need:

1. One piece of ginger
2. A cup of hot water
3. One spoon honey


1. First, heat some water. And make a cup of tea ginger.
2. Once the tea made, add one spoon of honey. Then drink it 2-3 times a day.

Anti-inflammatory helps in protecting from the cold of summer.

09: Garlic

Raw garlic cure a cold

Garlic used in our body for ancient herbal treatment. It makes many domestic remedies. It is also beneficial in cold cases.

What you need:

1. Some garlic
2. 2 tablespoons lemon juice
3. One spoon honey
4. 1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder


Mix all the things on a blending machine. Then collect and eat juice from it. Eat this juice once a day until you feel good. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral elements. It helps You to reduces the summer could.

08: Cinnamon

cinnamon good for sore throat

We all know Cinnamon, and everyone has cinnamon in their kitchen. Cinnamon is beneficial in internal medicines.

What you need:

1. One tablespoon cinnamon powder
2. Two cloves
3. A glass of water


1. Mix one spoon of cinnamon and two cloves with a glass of water.
2. Then cool it down to one spoon. Eat it 2-3 times a day.
Cinnamon is the source of anti-inflammatory. So it helps to reduce cold.

07: Vitamin C

vitamin C boost your immune system

What you need:

1. Vitamin C tablets
2. Some fruit of Vitamin C


Use a Vitamin C tablet every day.Vitamin C protects from body infections. You can also eat Vitamin C rich fruit if you want. Vitamin C will reduce the amount of cold.

06: Honey

Honey for summer colds

Honey is favourite to everyone. Everyone likes to eat honey. It is not just used to feed, but also many medicines quality are available.

What you need:

1. Two tablespoon honey
2. One tablespoon lemon or ginger juice


Mix lemon and or honey and ginger juice well.
The honey has biological properties. It helps to cool down quickly.

05: Turmeric

turmeric for summer colds

Many of us use turmeric as herbal medicine. Turmeric is an essential elements of cancer treatment. Good home medicine can be made using turmeric. Especially played a particular role in cold resistance. You can use golden turmeric milk for the summer cold.

What you need:

1. One spoon salt
2. Somewhat yellow
3. A cup of hot water


First, mix some salt with turmeric. After that create a liquid mixture with warm water. Take rinse with this mixture. Do the same way after one hour.
There are many anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric. It removes severe infections.

04: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for Colds

What you need:
1. One spoon apple cider vinegar
2. Pure water

Take a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Then mix it with some purified water. If you want to increase the taste, you can add a little honey. Then take a glass of juice. Keep eating a glass of apple cider vinegar daily until you feel better. Apple Cider Vinegar creates a chemical reaction inside the body that kills bacteria and germs.

03: Herbal tea

Herbal tea for summer Colds

The herbal method used as the residential treatment for thousands of years. Herbal medicine is viral and useful. The herbal remedy is beneficial in summer cold.

What you need:

1. 5 grams of coriander seeds
2. 5 grams of Fenugreek seeds
3. 10 grams of cumin
4. 10 grams of anise seeds
5. A cup of water
6. One spoon honey

1. First, grate the dry things together.
2. Then heat the mixture with a cup of pure water.
3. Then mix the honey with the dough after it cools down.
4. Then drink this tea twice a day. Soon your cold will be removed.

Herbal Tea is an excellent source of anti-microbial. It protects from infection and removes the summer cold.

02: Echinacea

Echinacea Fend Off the Common Cold
Echinacea is a coneflower which seen in America. It has herbal properties. It helps to remove summer cold.
What you need:
Echinacea flower capsules or juice.
You have to accept the tablet of Echinacea flower directly. If the capsule is not near your hands, then drink its juice. Take it 2/3 in a day. Your cold will remove very soon.

01: Fluids

Fluids for summer Colds

Drink lots of fluids. If you drink fluids, the germs removed from the body. Daily drink at least eight glasses of water, fruit juices or even other fluids. Other caffeinated liquids should be eaten. Avoid alcohol. Many people think taking alcohol is essential to remove summer cold. But the truth is alcohol make physical disorders. So it is better to avoid it.

Additional tips:
If you follow some small rules, then you will not have the risk of cold. Usually, there is no fear of cooling at the same time every time bathing by the rules. Usually, it gets better in a week. However, if your cold is more extended than last, you must meet the nearest doctor. If following the advice, of the doctor and taking medicines, then the cold becomes better at the time.

Cleanliness is the most significant remedy for all diseases. So try to stay clean and stay clean. And if there are few rules to follow during the season change, there is no problem. But when there is a disease, there is no way to prevent it. If you take the right steps, then the condition will be better in time.