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Shoulder Acne : Home remedies for Shoulder Acne

Shoulder massage

Shoulder acne is very painful which is looks like pores are larger on this part of the body.

It occurs when your skin has waned and most of the people over 15-30 years old are known. People suffer mental depression for it.

So here is the proper way to remove and solve this problem.

home remedies for Shoulder Acne

Causes of Shoulder Acne

As the age progresses, there are many problems of aging in the body. One of them is shoulder acne. Shoulder Acne occurs in depression and pain. It is unaccepted things for every man and woman.

Many reasons work behind on Shoulder acne. Bacteria, fungus, teenage hormonal growth are responsible for it.

Shoulder Acne

How to get rid of shoulder acne:

10: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

It would be a good way to get rid of the shoulder acne with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and even the alkalizing properties.

It can soothe the inflammation and pain. First, take a pair of cups of vinegar in water. Soak your body together with the shoulder underneath the water for a minimum of twenty minutes.

Do it once for two days. Also, you can mix one tablespoon of vinegar in heat water with some honey. Then drink it twice in a day for one week.

09: Banana


There is often a lack of potassium in the body. When there is a lack of potassium, muscle pain starts.

If you put bananas on the food list every day, the balance of potassium in the body is maintained.

The banana fills potassium deficiency in the body. Need to eat at least 3-4 bananas per day. As a result, there will be no pain in the shoulder and also every other part of the body.

08: Turmeric

Turmeric for Shoulder Acne

Turmeric is an excellent element for home remedies. Also with the medicine and inhibitor properties, turmeric can fight against shoulder pain and acne.

First of all, mix some turmeric powder with some coconut oil. Then apply it to your shoulder. After one hour take a bath.

Do the same thing twice in a day. Another way is taking a teaspoon of turmeric powder into some boiling milk. Add in some honey and consume double daily. Turmeric is a miracle food for shoulder acne.

07: Shoulder massage

Shoulder massage

It is possible to remove shoulder pain by massaging it. Massage on the shoulder moves the blood flow of the shoulder and removes the acne and pain.

Sometimes the muscles of the shoulder become hard and the pain is felt. When the muscles come back to the normal condition, the pain is removed.

But you must massage properly in the right way. If not, then the pain may increase. So massage well or massage to a massage therapist. Massage it every 10 minutes daily. So soon your pain will disappear.

06: Essential Oil

Essential Oil

We all know oil. It has many properties. We can use oil in many ways. Oil is used to remove almost all acne and pain in the body.

Many oils are used to cure illness. But olive oil, coconut oil, lavender oil is more beneficial and known.

But we suggest you use olive oil. First, heat the oil lightly. Then massage the muscles where the pain is feeling better.

Essential Oil will restart the relax muscles. Coconut oil also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which is helpful in removing acne. So you can use Essential Oil.

05: Vitamins


Your body wants numerous vitamins to perform usually. Deficiencies in vitamins B1, D, and E will cause nerve and muscle injury.

It could make shoulder ache if there are vitamins deficiencies. Hence, it’s necessary that you simply embrace foods made in these vitamins in your daily diet to steer afar from shoulder aches.

If you could able to take vitamins rich food every day, you don’t need to take any other treatment or medicine.

You will be always fine. Vitamins make our muscles strong and give the power to do work properly. So take vitamins rich food every day to get rid of shoulder aches.

04: Honey

Honey for Shoulder Acne

Honey is favourite to all for its taste. You can use honey for relief. First, take a glass of lime water. Then mix some honey with it.

Then drink it. It will remove the toxin of your shoulder, and you will get relief from shoulder ache.

Honey is an outstanding element for every disease. It has numerous vitamins and health benefit.

03: Baking Soda Scrub

Baking Soda Scrub

We all know baking soda. Its chemical name is Sodium bicarbonate. Generally, we use baking soda to clean up, to remove debris and to make bakery. It will also remove blackheads from your shoulder.

But many of us may not know that baking soda can be used to cure various acne and pain.

If you have acne on your shoulders due to muscles sore, you may use baking soda. Because it creates lactic acid and helps to regenerate muscles.

02: Good skin care

Good skin care

Most of the time toxin enter in our body by attacking various kind of insects. The toxin is very painful. Acne may be caused if you have poison coming to your shoulders.

If you feel acne on your shoulders, it can also be caused by toxins. So take care of the skin. Then you can stay away from many other problems besides acne and pain.

01: Oatmeal


Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties. Oatmeal is very beneficial for muscle.

Moreover, oatmeal is full of potassium deficiency. Therefore, oatmeal can be eaten if you feel pain due to muscle strength in your shoulders.

If you keep oatmeal in the daily breakfast, there is no fear of muscle pain in the future.

Besides, these are very affordable, and you do not have to spend more money. But if you can not domestically remove the acne, then you must go to a doctor.

Because the acne occurs not only for common cause. Maybe your shoulder muscles are torn off or more hurt.

Proper treatment is needed by the doctor. And try to refrain from all those things that could be the reason for shoulder acne. Then hopefully you will not have acne in your shoulders.