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5 Easy Online Jobs for College Students

Freelance Writer or Editor

Students can earn money through online to doing just some easy Jobs. The jobs are very easy and student can get those jobs easily if they have some knowledge about Computer and some more easy skills. If a student has skills then he can visit some online marketplaces as like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer.com. To get a job from here a person needs to show his profile professional looks. Your profile needs a professional look because a client uses to get very interest to hire who has a professional profile.

5 Easy Online Jobs for College Students :

1. Online Tutor:

Online Tutor

If you’re good at a subject than try to teach people who need tuition from online. For this, you can choose Udemy to teach people. Make videos based on a subject and try to cover all the topics and make the videos smaller and part. Then upload your videos on Udemy and if a student uses to buy your course then you will earn money. You will earn money for all the enrolled students who use to buy your course. But Udemy will cut some money from you because they are also providing you service to reach people your course.

2. Freelance Writer or Editor:

Freelance Writer or Editor

This is a very good and big opportunity if a person has an interest in writing. For writing a person will get paid. A client will hire you to write on some topics that you’ll get provided by your client. Also, most people can’t write their own CV, Resume etc. and they used to find a writer to write a CV, Resume etcetera for them. Sometimes the student uses to find writers to write their assignment or other academic things. Another way is to work on a website as a writer. But it’s not the end, there is a lot of things to write and clients are looking for also. This is an easy job but also high demandable.

3. Data Entry Worker:

Data Entry Worker

Data Entry is a very easy and simple job to do online and also it is a very high demandable job. If you do this job online, then most of the client will hire you to collect data online. There are very ways to collect data and who knows that what’s the type of data that a client is looking. Don’t worry, the client will tell you of his requirement.

4. Transcriptionist:


Transcription is a Speech to text converting job. You will get hired by your client to convert Speech to text. A client will provide you mp3 files or audios and videos and you have to write all the things that you use to hear on an audio or video. A suggestion is to use Microsoft Word to write a speech. When your Transcription is complete then submit the file to your client.

5. Designer:


If you have creativity and have skills to design than go ahead and start a job as a designer. But at first, you must have to learn. There are many designing jobs online. Web Design, Graphics Design, Presentation Design and so on. Learn and get skill on one of all the designing work. Note, don’t be greedy that’s why learn and get only one designing skill and become expert. Because if you have expertness on Graphics Design then graphics design work can give a good opportunity to earn huge money from online. But if you try all the design work so you can’t be an expert on all. So go for only one.

Only quality works can make you successful in this way. So try to give your client quality full works. Also, try to earn expertness and for that, you have to work and work. Most of the time, laziness tries to attack a man while they are doing this work to try to kick out the laziness.