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6 Most Spoken Languages In The World 2018


Most Spoken Languages: In order to determine the most Spoken Languages in the world is a very demanding task. Whenever you will perceive the result, you become astonished. For enlightening you with the most popular language in the world, I have made a list of their number of speakers, geographical location, the reason behind their popularity and so on. Well, today I will give a brief discussion of Top 6 Most Spoken Languages In The World 2018.

Most Spoken Languages In The World

01. Chinese


As we know that China is one of the enormous countries in the world. Their mother language is Chinese. Also, there are 1.2 billion Chinese native speakers in the world. So total native Chinese speakers are about 879 million. This makes no doubt that it is the most popular and spoken language in the world. You will get amazed to know that if you pick six random people all over the world at least one of them is the native Chinese speaker. Mandarin Chinese is known as the 2nd widely popular online language. In addition, the number is developing day by day.

02. Spanish


The popularity of Spanish in America and Europe made it one of the Most Spoken Languages with 477 million native speakers. In addition, the total number of non-native speakers are 95 million and the number is developing day by day. However, United Nations made Spanish one of the official language. Likewise, it is national and widely spoken language in 44 countries including Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama and much more. Surprisingly, after Mexico, the United States is the second greatest Spanish speaking country in the world.

03. English

 English man

If you can read this article then, you may be one of the half billion people who are non-native speakers or one of the 371 million people who are native speakers. One and half billion people consider English as a second language. In fact, the number of non-native speakers(611 million) doubles the number of native speakers. However, it is one of the most popular languages that widely used on the Internet.English is a most spoken language in the world. It is widely spoken in Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Caribbean, America and so on countries.

04. Hindi


Though India has 23 languages, Hindi is the official language among them. The absolute number of native speakers are 329 million and non-native speakers are 215 million. For this purpose, Hindi become one of the most popular languages in the world. Linguistic standard considered that Hindi and Urdu are kinda same language. But there are some key differences among their vocabulary and writing styles. That’s why they are known as separate language. However, Hindi is widely spoken in Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Fiji.

05. Arabic


Around 290 million people use Arabic as their mother tongue. However, total around 422 million people speak in Arabic. It is one of the official languages of United Nations. Besides, 1.6 billion Muslims considered it as the liturgical language. Arabic is widely spoken in Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Chad, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and so on. For this purpose, Arabic is considered as one of the most popular languages in the world.

06. Bengali


Last but not the list, Bengali made its position in our top 6 most popular language in the world. Bengali is the mother language of Bangladesh. To made Bengali as a mother tongue, many people sacrificed their life. It is widely spoken a language in Bangladesh and India. Nevertheless, it is considered as the second language in India along with primary language in the easternmost states. Non-native speakers of Bengali are around 19 million as well as native speakers are around 205 million.

So, these are the points that are describing Top 6 “Most Spoken Languages In The World”

If any Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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