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 7 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies In The World

Central Intelligence Agency

Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies In The World: Basically, an Intelligence agency is a department under the government that gathers political or military information for national security. Nowadays, a nation depends on intelligence agencies not only for internal threads but also for external threads. They try heart and soul to keep the nation safe. These agencies are created to save the unified country. However, every country has their own agencies. Today, I am going to acquaint you with 7 most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. So, let’s start.

Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies 

07. Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)

Inter-Service Intelligence

ISI is the intelligence agency of Pakistan. It established in 1948. Pakistan is surrounded by so many enemies. For that reason, ISI is made with very effective and intelligent agents. With this intention, ISI is considered as the acutest intelligence among all. Head of this agency is General Naveed Mukhtar– three-star Lieutenant. The essential duty of Inter-Service Intelligence is ensuring the security of the country and their people. Several times they reserve their country from external threats. That’s why ISI is at the top of the list.

06. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Research and Analysis Wing

Fundamentally, Research and Analysis Wing is the main intelligence agency of India. It founded in 1968 when Indo Pakistani was failed. RAW mainly deals with external affairs where IB is concerned with internal affairs. Notwithstanding, the cardinal focus of RAW attends the activities of China as well as Pakistan. Together with, it monitors the economic, political, terrorism, military, scientific development as well as movements of foreign countries.

05. Ministry of State Security (MSS)

Ministry of State Security

The primary Intelligence body of China is Ministry of State Security. It founded in 1983 on Beijing under the instruction of Ling Yun. It is one of the well-known intelligence agencies in the world. However, MSS takes care of external as well as internal matters. By the help of MSS, China could save many terrorist attacks from Macau, Taiwan along with Hong Kong. MSS mainly focus on political security, foreign as well as counterintelligence of other countries.

04. Direction Generale De La Securite Exteriores (DSGE)

Direction Generale De La Securite Exteriores


DSGE is the intelligence security of France. It established in 1982 in Paris. Basically, it takes care of the external security. Comparatively, it is young among all the counterparts. However, because of its outstanding performance, it becomes very popular. It considered as the identity of MI6 as well as CIA. It keeps France apart from terrorist attacks, especially ISIS, Arab and Algerian terrorists.

03. Main Intelligence Agency (GRU)

Main Intelligence Agency

Russia’s main intelligence agency GRU established in 1918. The headquarter is in Moscow, Russia. However, GRU is the biggest external intelligence agency of Russia. It is mainly focused on military foreign or external activities. After falling of USSR, GRU helped Russia from many external threats. It is the main reason behinds Russia’s superpower. It controls all the important operations forces. They gathered every crucial information against terrorism.

02. Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6)

Military Intelligence Section

One of the ancient intelligence agencies of the world is Military Intelligence Section 6. It established in 1909. Nevertheless, the headquarter of MI6 is in SIS Building, London, England. It secures the total country from external together with internal threats. Great Britain won so many wars with the help of MI6. In addition, MI6 also defeat Hitler and his monstrous rules.

01. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

 Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency is the intelligence agency of America. It established in 1947 in Fairfax, Virginia. Because of CIA, America has the power to dominate the world. Nonetheless, CIA is the combination of 16 extraordinary agencies of the government of United States. All of these are working for dealings with international affairs, country’s stability as well as national security.

So, these are the points that are describing Top 7 “Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies In The World”

If any Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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