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Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume In The World

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Most Expensive Perfume: People always search for those perfume that makes him different from others and also suit their lifestyle. But those kinds of fragrances come with a high price tag, and general people can’t afford it to buy them all the time. Today we talk about the ten most expensive perfume in the world that can make your presence identical in the crowd. So let’s jump to the list below.

Most Expensive Perfume In The World

01: Hermes Brand- $1,500 per ounce

Hermes Brand

This extravagant Perfume brand first invented by Thierry Henry in 1837. It was first found in France. Hermes is well known for its quality and astonishing favourite fragrance. People from all over the world always ready to pay for perfumes of this brand. It has earned the trust of every people by its quality and traditional aroma. People can experience its odour from a far distance, although this can be an expensive perfume for some of us due to its high price. Its price starts from fifteen hundred USD. But it doesn’t bother people because they always present new fragrance with an original price and such as Concentred’, Eau Gentiane Blanche, Eau DE Narcisse, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Caleche Eau Delicate and Jour d’Hermès are some of the famous perfume from the Hermes.

02: Joy by Jean Patou-$850 per ounce


In 1929 design house Jean Patou launched this popular perfume brand and named it Joy. From the day It started, it is still dominating the perfume market with ease. It has a different and delicate design of the bottle that attracts its consumers. Joy perfume was voted for the scent of the century by the public in the year 2000. This perfume will be the perfect choice for the people who like floral fragrance. Most of the clients of Joy are from Europe and the united states. The satisfaction of using this perfume comes at a high price with 1600 USD per bottle. That’s why it makes the entry in our list of the most expensive perfume in the world.

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03: Chanel Extrait – $4,200 per ounce


Chanel has gain vast popularity across the globe with their clothing, perfume, watches and other accessories. The day they launch their fragrance it has taken a secure place in the perfume industry. Despite being an expensive perfume, the demand is always high and increasing day by day. The primary consumers of Chanel perfumes are the celebrity and elite people of the society. Due to its high brand awareness, it has become one of the top selling fragrances in the modern era.

04: Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Ralph Lauren Perfumes

If you are a fashion lover, then Ralph Lauren shouldn’t be unknown to you. He is a well-known fashion designer from America. And like his design, his perfume is also famous across the world. With the support of L’Oreal Ralph Lauren Perfume got massive success in the perfume industry. At the moment Ralph Lauren has over 60 different fragrance in their perfume. The most same fact is the design of their bottle. The light blue colour and the unique design of the bottle makes it more desirable for the customers. The odour doesn’t fade away quickly, and a single drop can last more than a day. But the Ralph Lauren Perfume is not cheap one bottle of perfume can cost 300$ or more.

05: Caron Poivre – $1,000 Per Ounce


Popular French fashion designer Ernest Daltroff is the founder of Caron perfumes. It was first released in the year of 1904 and immediately became popular. In 1917 they launched 54 more perfumes with a different fragrance. And as usual, they all gain popularity among the people. This extravagant perfume not only sold for its aroma but it also sold for its bottle. Due to its excellent design People tend to use the empty bottle of the fragrance to decorate the household. A single bottle of Caron perfume can cost up to 3500 dollars.

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06: Clive Christian No.1- $2,150 Per Ounce

most expensive perfume

If you want to make a list of the most expensive perfume in the world, then Clive Christian perfume is one of them. This costly perfume has become a legendary icon for British perfume industry. It was released in 1999 after that its demand and quality hasn’t faded away. Clive Christian perfume offers various soothing fragrance like lemon, Jasmine, benzoin, cardamom, bergamot and many more. This perfume is available for all men and women. Its woody smell for men and sweet floral fragrance for women is prevalent. Moreover, This expensive perfume is not affordable for all except elite people. Because of its high price tag. But if you are willing to spend money, you should go for Clive Christian perfume.

07: Annick Goutal – $441.18 Per Ounce

Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal perfume named after a famous pianist and model. It was first released in 1980. Annick Goutal is renowned for its identical bottle design and fascinating fragrance. A unique type of material used in this perfume that gives a stable composition. And due to this material, Annick Goutal perfume tends to stay longer in the cloth and keeps you fresh. Since the day it was launched Annick Goutal has released more than 50 types of different fragrance. This perfume is favourite among the celebrities and wealthy society due to its quality and class.

08: JAR Bolt – $765 Per Ounce


The Jar is one of the most expensive perfumes in the popular perfume industry. One can identify its smell in the crowd with ease due to its unique fragrance. This costly perfume comes in a round shaped bottle that can fit well in the bag of the wealthy women. The Jar perfume made for both men and women. Some of the great aromas from the Jar is Bolt of lightning, the bed of roses, shadow, Fermented Yeux and Diamond water. Among them, the Bolt of lightning made from fruit and the most expensive one. Only one bottle of Jar can cost up to 4000 $.

09: Baccarat – $6,800 per ounce


The famous French fashion house Baccarat launched it. The headquarter of Baccarat located in the Paris. The unique fragrance and eye-catching design of the bottle make it more magnetic. One bottle of Baccarat perfume can cost 3000 €. That’s why It is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. Les Lames Sarees de Thebes perfumes are the most expensive than all other perfume of Baccarat. The features of the fragrance are luminous, high density, intensity, and transparency. The liquid of this perfume comes in gold colour with the purple coloured pack.

10: Shalini – $900 per ounce


Maurice Roucel is the founder of this expensive and elite perfume. Shalini is one of the popular fragrance among the wealthy society. Shalini was specially made for women. This elite perfume can be found in every posh and elite women’s bag. The ingredients, quality, and design will meet anyone’s expectation. Its floral smell can make anyone astonished. The unique fragrance of the Shalini will make the presence of the user almost identical in the crowd. Although it has an unusual odour and quality, its price is very high. One bottle of Shalini can cost nearly 5000 $ and makes It the most expensive perfume in the world.

So far we have come up with this list. If you think that we have missed any perfume in this list of the most expensive perfume in the world, You can let us know by commenting below or reach out through email.