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Microblogging : What Is Microblogging ?


What Is Microblogging?



Microblogging is a platform where you can post anything short way. You can say it is an online broadcast medium for all blogger. Microblogging is the way of shot blogging. People post their short messages easily on the Microblogging platform.

What is an example of a microblog?

There are many microblogs have online, Some of them are most popular with everyone for their feature. When you are thinking about Microsite than we especially recommended Instapaper, Scoop. It, Slashdot, Plurk, Diigo, medium, etc.

Microblogging advantages

Blogging site help to promote your website quickly. If you are consistently working with microsite than, it will help to boost your website SEO. You can link to your money site through microblogging. Through this process, You can get a backlink too. Microsites have good DA and PA, that will increase your money site Authority and page ranking.

What is microblogging in SEO?

If You share your opinion through blogging that will be increasing instant traffic and social engagement to your website.beacuse most of the microblogging site has the significant number of traffic that will boost your SEO.

Microblogging sites

01: Instapaper

Instapaper is a very popular blogging site. Here you can save and bookmark any page URL that will you read later.

02: Scoop.it

Scoop it is another popular microsite. It is a Content marketing platform where you can be published anything if you want. Scoop.It company located in Francisco, California. It’s a content marketing software firms.

03: Slashdot

When you are thinking about social news website than Slashdot is coming to first. It features news stories on the news, tech, sports and other topics. You can publish and link to your website through this post.

04: Plurk

Plurk is another blogging and social networking site. Here you can submit short messages or links to your follower and subscriber.

05: Medium

Medium is an online microsite where people can doing blogging and content syndication. More than 32 million people use It every month. Medium the best free blogging platforms.

Here is another popular Microblogging site:



Microblogging is a favourite day by day. Many people use to share their opinion through this system. It will help to increase you Authority in blogging platform. You can get some instant traffic and social influencer through microblogging site.