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How to Create Youtube Thumbnails : YouTube Thumbnail Maker

How to Create Youtube Thumbnails

How to Create Youtube Thumbnails: YouTube is a popular social media platform in the world. today millions of people work on YouTube for their popularity and identity. When you create a YouTube channel you have to care about your videos. You always think about how to improve your video quality and the video thumbnail. There are many tools has online to create YouTube video thumbnails. Today we’ll talk about best YouTube thumbnail creator for YouTube channel.

How to Create Youtube Thumbnails:

01: Canva

Canva is a most popular and professional platform for creating any designs. You can create any design logo, banner, Facebook covers, YouTube thumbnail, By using Canva. You can use their custom theme template and a free picture. They will provide some Paid page template and picture.

How to design a beautiful thumbnail by using Canva website.

First, you have to need to log in your Canva account and select design option you have to select YouTube thumbnail creator and you can customise your YouTube thumbnail for your own designing knowledge. After finishing it you can save it to a two different method which is PNG format and JPG format. You can customise your own size also. They also provide some premium format like PSD.if you want to save your design by PSD format then you have to upgrade your plan. According to my opinion and Canva is a most popular and easiest way to create custom YouTube thumbnail.

02: Fotojet

Fotojet is another thumbnail maker platform. You can easily design your own thumbnail through this website. Fotojet has many designing features. it has many designing templates most of them are free and some premium also. this is the best tool for creating YouTube channel thumbnail. Moreover, you can use this website for seven days trial.

03: Adobe Spark

So let’s talk about Adobe Spark. Another website where you can customise your design. It is similar to Canva. But it’s not paid like other sites. It also used to create thumbnails. You can easily customise your design by using this website. According to my opinion, Adobe Spark is a tremendous tool for creating any kind of thumbnail.

04: Snappa

Snappa is another graphic design tool. You can use it to create various kind of design. It has various kind of advantage, By using this tool you can upload your own image for creating any kind of thumbnail. You can edit and customise you design a layout easily by using this tool.

05: Panzoid backgrounder

Panzoid backgrounder is one of the best tools for creating YouTube thumbnail. it has various feature for creating professional YouTube video thumbnail. You can choose some premade layout for creating your YouTube thumbnail. This premade layout can easily customisable.

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