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Glacier National Park | Camping| Hiking | Lodging

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located around the 1583 square meters and 1 million acres(4000 km) area.

Glacier National Park has hiking, backcountry camping, guided tours, camping, biking, fishing, photography, boating, skiing, river camping etc facilities are available here. The park has occupied Canada’s Alberta and British Columbia border in the United States of Montana. According to the 2014 statistics, there are about 23,38,528 visitors came here.

The park has 1000 species of plants and more than 100 species of animals. Native American was first living Here. After the arrival of the Europeans, the West was influenced by Blackfeet and Flathead.The Glacier National Park has 700 miles beautiful hiking trails.

Glacier national park hiking:

There are many types of hiking trails available here. We mention some popular hiking trails like Hiking Lake McDonald, Hiking Glacier Valley Trail, Hiking North Fork & Goat Haunt, Hiking St. Mary. We are Presenting the most visiting path here.

Hiking Lake McDonald

Day hiking:

All mileages listed are one-way

Apgar Bike Path: 1.5 mi, Apgar Lookout:3.6 mi,  Avalanche Lake:2.3 mi. Fish Creek Bike Path:1.2 mi,

Fish Lake:2.7 mi, Forest, and Fire Nature Trail: 1.1 mi loop, Howe Lake:1.6 mi, Huckleberry Lookout:6 mi,

Johns Lake Loop:3 mi, Lake McDonald West Shore:7.4 mi, Lincoln Lake:8 mi, Mt. Brown Lookout:5.2 mi,

Oxbow Trail:1.5 mi, Rocky Point:1.1 mi, Snyder Lakes:4.3 mi, Sperry Chalet:6.3 mi, Trail of the Cedars:0.7 mi etc.

Hiking Glacier Valley Trail

Day Hiking:

All mileages listed are one-way

Apikuni Falls, Cracker Lake, Grinnell Glacier Viewpoint, Grinnell Lake, Iceberg Lake, Piegan Pass, Point Lake, Ptarmigan Falls, Ptarmigan Lake, Ptarmigan Tunnel, Redrock Falls, Swiftcurrent Nature Trail, Swiftcurrent Pass, Granite Park Chalet, Hidden Lake Overlook etc.

Hiking North Fork & Goat Haunt

Day Hikes:

All mileages listed are one-way

Akokala Lake, Bowman Lake Head, Covey Meadow, Hidden Meadow, Kintla Lake Head, Logging Lake, Lower Quartz Lake, Numa Lookout, Quartz Lake, Goat Haunt Overlook, Kootenai Lakes, Lake Francis, Lake Janet, Rainbow Falls, Waterton Townsite etc.

Hiking St. Mary

Day Hikes:
All mileages listed are one-way
Baring Falls, Beaver Pond Loop, Otokomi Lake, Piegan Pass, Red Eagle Lake, St. Mary Falls, Siyeh Pass, Sun Point Nature Trail, Sunrift Gorge, Virginia Falls, Granite Park Chalet, Hidden Lake Overlook etc.

Glacier Park Camping:


You can Advanced Reservations for your backcountry camping.You Can Get the full cooperation from www.pay.gov this website please call Pay.gov customer service at 800-624-1373, Option #2.They will help you for 100% advance backcountry camping reservation processing.Reservation requests accepted up to (7) days before trip begin date.

Here $40 Application Fee and $30 consummated trip request fee applicable for every application you submitted.If backcountry personnel area unit unable to award Associate in Nursing advance reservation itinerary primarily based upon the parameters you indicate, the $30 consummated trip request fee is refunded.We powerfully suggest payment via Mastercard, Paypal, or Dollar for your advance reservations.you will also able to Camping Glacier National Park.First-come-first-served with the exception of Fish Creek, St. Mary, a number of several ice-mass, and 1/2 the cluster sites in Apgar.This campsite will be reserved in advance.look at below is the campsite sites name and reservation.


  • St. Mary reservation
  • Fish Creek reservation
  • Apgar group site reservation
  • Many Glacier Campground

You must adhere to the full policy of Camp Ground.Must have to adhere to Animal Behavior, Safety, Food Storage, Pets Regulations etc.otherwise, Your journey will be very unbearable.

Glacier national park Photo Tips:

You can take pictures here Sunrise on the East Side, Wildflowers at Logan Pass, Glaciers Before They Are Gone, Sunset From the West Side, Night Sky, Waterfalls, Wildlife etc.

Other entertainment sources:

You can enjoy here Bicycling, River Camping, Fishing, Boating etc. There are a lot of entertainment source here.You need to spend your time here and finding every entertainment facilities.

Glacier Park wildlife:

Glacier National Park has a huge amount of wild animal such as  Bear, Mountain Lion, Sheep, Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Insects, Mammals, Reptiles etc. It has 1,500 miles of streams and rivers and about 700 lakes, ponds, marshes etc. It has 260 species of birds like American Dippers, Clark’s Nutcracker, Common Loons, Eagles, Harlequins, Northern Hawk Owls, Ospreys, Ptarmigans, Swifts etc.

There are many types of Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes see here. It would be nearly not possible to compile a whole list of arthropods (insects, spiders, etc.) for anyone space of the globe. There square measure just too several. Glacier national park isn’t an exception.

Glacier Park lodging:

The Glacier National Park has mysterious camping and hiking adventure or natural scenes are enjoying all people. You have to plan for to visit here. You will search here your desired hotel and restaurant availability. For advance booking visit here:

  • https://www.booking.com/
  • https://www.hotelscombined.com/


Hopefully, you will happy to visiting Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park It’s a very mysteries national park in the USA. You must have tried to visit this park.


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