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10 Games like age of empires You Can Play

Age of Wonders III

Age of Empires is a saga of video games created by Microsoft at present it has many games for NDS, PC, iPhone, Android, PS2.

In this article, you will get the Top 10 Games like the age of empires games that exist, sorted according to their release date.

So you can know which is the last Age of Empires game has been announced or that has already been released, and what was the first game of all with which the saga began.

We will show you the Top 10 Games details from our analysts so you can know the best Age of Empires game of all history.

PC games are generally top-rated because they are usually much more available than games for consoles.

Players need the skills and astuteness of the success. Now we are going to give details our about Top 10 Games like the age of empires.

01. Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is a strategy game that distributed via Microsoft for PC and developed by Ensemble Studios.

Eventually, Microsoft Studios and SkyBox Labs have revealed all the necessary details to know if it is worth buying it.

Age of Mythology Extended Edition’ follows in the wake of Age of Empires II HD to present a developing at the height of the unique game with all requirements.

We will find out the features of the Titans and the Atlanteans through a campaign of twelve missions.

The first official development for the game will contain a new culture that will join the three existing ones.

In this strategy, the set of Ensemble Studios also expands its possibilities, incorporating some new features.

That will delight fans and better graphics, with day and night cycle and detail in many aspects, leagues and events integration.

It includes the campaigns Golden and Titans Gift. It is gameplay very comparable to Age of Empires but with mythology as some differentiating component is in everything buildings, units, buildings, characters improvements. Know how to set up another civilisation of Atlantis as for the expansion Age of Mythology.

After the climbing of Arkantos to a demigod and the obliteration of Atlantis, the Atlantean people roam the world looking for a place to settle.

They attribute their failures to desertion by the gods they respected and go on to worship the titans without knowing the dangers they will stimulate.

Availability: Steam ($29.99)

02. Anno Online

Anno Online

Anno Online, Ubisoft’s massive online multiplayer game, comes with force to the media. It’s a video game of free cities where you can build large and majestic cities in medieval times.

Players must build a city, expand it and meet the requirements of its inhabitants. As time passes, your inhabitants will ask for more complex products, which should be created using resources used in several islands.

The fundamental element of the game is the player’s main island, where you will begin to the foundations of your commercial empire.

If you meet the needs of your population, build new buildings and manage production, you can unlock new buildings and face new challenges as the demands and consumption habits of your population growth.

Soon, you will not be able to satisfy your needs with just one island, so you will have to discover and colonise others to connect them through commercial routes to your main island.

For the first time in the Anno series, players will have the option to be part of a large empire and organise themselves in powerful guilds with the aim of pursuing common goals and completing server missions.

A fundamental element is a trade of goods with other players, which will create a social environment in which players interact continuously for the first time in this classic franchise.

You will unlock new buildings, production chains or game mechanics with which to fill the needs of your population.

Availability: Browser (Free)

03. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

It is total to the first of the three expansions into StarCraft II Wings of Liberty. There will be no limit on the selection of units. Any user can access the campaign for a single player in its entirety. This game is a very exciting game. You will be very happy playing this game. StarCraft is a really Games like age of empires .

So it is dedicated in its entirety to the army of the Terrans. The multiplayer mode will also be accessible from the beginning.

The capacity of the players to unlock all their functions will be tested. To contribute in the qualifying games, it will be essential to get the first ten victories of the day in non-qualifying games or against artificial intelligence.

It will be possible to prove all those are now accessible concerning the Commanders in the Cooperative Missions. That will end up uniting in the future.

The test will only be free up to level five except for Artanis, Jim Raynor, and Kerrigan. They will be capable of levelling up without any restriction.

Available on Battle.net for ($39.99)

04. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations

Microsoft has obtained the license of the popular Rise of Nations. This unique game version will incorporate development to lighting graphics, and textures.

The rise of Nations provides you with a quick fun experience and quick paced. It supports Steam works features such as the multiplayer component integration with Twitch.

The system of achievements and saved in the cloud. The arrangement of this game is by combining the real-time fighting game with the reach of strategy games.

The marathon range of the game lets you shift between, unlike eras. You can preserve the supremacy of several cities and military development campaigns. The rise of Nations is another Game like an age of empires.

Availability: Steam ($19.99)

05. Empire Earth

Empire Earth

Many interesting features with state-of-the-art graphics units of more than 350 is a significant improvement of Empire Earth.

Collect resources produce your opponents, advance with times faster, and then crush your opponents with greater numbers and weapons.

There are three major innovations compared to the Empire Land You will be able to experience the entire arc of individual history In Empire Earth through 15 unique periods of history called epochs.

Times stand for the changes in civilisation over time. As you move throughout the ages, new and superior units and structures become available.

It impressed us with the graphics of the game and resisted effects. The buffs of strategy and especially the fans of the land of the empire will have a great time with this awesome game.

Availability: GoG ($5.99)

06. Warcraft III

Warcraft III

Maximum Blizzard fans add viewed through Warcraft III during 2018. It is a new version of its memorable strategy game.

That will come back to life during the next 2019 to attract both the old community of players of the unique game.

The game keeps all the essence of Warcraft III in all its aspects, as for the improvement team it is very significant to keep the community together and to please both the new and old players. Therefore, they find themselves with a title the height of expectations.

Availability: Battle.net ($9.99)

07. Etherium

Etherium games

Stronghold Crusader is a great strategy game for PC. The technical specifications of the system you need to play Stronghold Crusader HD on PC with the excellent performance, graphics and fps optimised depending on your the graphics card, microprocessor / CPU, ram, the graphics card and other features of your computer. It permits you to rebuild historical details of the medieval Crusades. You can favour between fictional or real characters.

Availability: Steam ($14.99)

08. MegaGlest


MegaGlest is a 3D strategy and multiplayer game, where you can play in real time. During the improvement of the game, you must take manage of an army of those that are available is set in seven different themes: Vikings, Egyptians, Magic, and technology, Vikings, Romans.

Like its predecessor, MegaGlest is accessible under the terms of the free download, and free likens.

Players have to set up settlements to obtain resources gold, food, energy, stone housing, and wood, defence against other players, and train units to explore the territory.

During the game, you have to make a decision which units to use and in what place, this with the possibility of overcoming the enemy.

Availability: Browser (Free)

09. Age of Wonders III

 Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is the last of the strategy sagas resurrected for this new decade. After almost a dozen years without modernising, the incredible turn-based strategy proposed by Triumph Studios returns to our teams.

It is with the aim of filling our hours of activity with elves, dragons, and magic. That might seem severely overwhelmed the game enjoyed a deserved appreciation. Three years later, the title would see its first and only continuation, which would also have an expansion distributed as ‘ stand-alone.

Availability: Steam ($29.99)

10. Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances

 Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is surely not the ‘Command and Conquer’ browser. Any fan of the saga started by Westwood Studios would want, but due to its free nature free-to-play rather they are going perfect things.

More than anything because from Electronic Arts they let us know the numbers they are reaping, and there are more than one million registered users. If we stick to the figures, it is a success on the part of its creators.

Availability: Origin (Free)


Age of Empires is everything regarding the players forming their army, organisation resources, making their empire and waging a battle against opponents to overcome them. The game permits a performer all the autonomy to run their pathway and make a decision how they want to overcome in the game’s world. Every game presents exclusive gameplay elements to make them exceptional. These games also contribute to assist invigorate the Real Time Strategy genre. So, if you prefer Age of Empires, you certainly step into love these games.



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