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Free Search Engine Submission Tools 2019

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Free Search Engine Submission Tools: A search engine is a way where your visitors come for their needs. Nowadays, the most popular search engine is Google and Yahoo. For this purpose, you need introducing your site to search engines. In summary, it is called Search Engine Submission. There is two way to submit your site to search engine. One is automatic, and another is manual. From these two, manual submission is a time-consuming process. On the contrary, auto-submission is fast and determines more accurate results. So friends, our today’s topic is six best search engine submission tools. Without delay, let’s start.

Free Search Engine Submission Tools :

01. Free Web Submission

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In our list, Free Web Submission is in the first position. This tool specially made for search engine submission. It promotes both auto and manual submission for free. As well, it provides more than 50 Internet directories and search engines. Also, this fantastic tool will submit your sites to the famous search engines including Google, Yandex, Bing, Gigablast, SonicRun, Wotbox and so on. This tool is also user-friendly. They also serve FAQ option in case you have any question or confusion.

02. Entire Web


Another fast and natural search engine submission tool is Entire Web. Are you looking for a trusted device? Then you can blindly believe Entire Web. This tool will submit your site to more than 70 search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Altavista, InfoSpace and much more. Besides, it renders many services including SpeedyAds advertiser, Solo mailings as well as Search API. Around 3.6 million professionals have utilized this tool. You may not find any difficulties to use Entire Web.

03. Evrsoft


Well, here introducing a tool that contains multiple services. Yes, I am talking about Evrsoft tool. It has been one of the most famous tools for search engine submission until now. The working procedure of this tool is adequate. Surprisingly, It will submit your site to more than 90 popular search engines within few minutes. As a result, your site will attract visitors and customer very fast. Evrsoft serves many additional tools. Such as Global Whois, Code Encrypter, TransLink, Bandwidth Tester, Search Engine Analyzer and so on.

04. Serfish


The motto of Selfish is ‘A whole bunch of free services.’ Selfish is another fantastic tool on our list. This tool serves plenty of services free of cost. You can submit your site more than 60 popular search engines. Whether you want any new service from them, you can mail them or direct message them. They will think about your original idea. There is an option to sign in. In short, it is a worth search engine submission tool for a professional.

05. Add Pro


One of the essential tools for free search engine submission is Add Pro. It is a useful and efficient tool. But it has a disadvantage. This tool can submit your site in very limited search engines. Like below 20. However, it also offers site promotion tips together with useful tools and resources. Most critical additional tools are link popularity tool, Meta tag generator, pay per click search engines, and directory submission.

06. Clever Submitter

clever submitter

Last but not the least tool is the Clever submitter. It serves 129 submissions to different famous directories and search engines. However, this tool is free of cost. Using procedure of this tool is very easy. Just submit your site URL and a valid email. Because they will send you a confirmation email after submitting your URL. You need to be sure that your site is online. This full process takes 5 to 6 minutes.

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