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Top Things to Do In The Florida Keys

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a heaven of exotic drive through by the blue ocean.

Florida Keys is a string of tropical islands stretching regarding one hundred twenty miles off the southern tip of the U.S state. It’s an American state, between the ocean and Gulf of North American nation.The Florida Keys is a popular destination such as Fishing, Boating, Snorkel diving, Scuba diving etc.
The southeast town is popular for Duval Street and bars. People can enjoy Mallory Square nightly Sunset Celebration here.

Five major travel destination in Florida keys are:

  •  Key Largo
  •  Islamorada
  •  Marathon
  •  Big pine key and lower Florida keys
  •  Key West

01: Key Largo:

You can feel amazing marine life in World famous John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. America’s 1st designated underwater sea reserve. Snorkeling and scuba tourist along with glass bottom Boats give visitors a chance to view this spectacular submerged sanctuary. It’s an entire underwater world awaits exploration in the Florida Keys. Key Largo has a remarkable land and water scenery. Hollywood chose to film movie scenes there, including notable ones in the namesake Key Largo. The number one attraction of Florida keys is its reefs. In the present time, No other reef system in the world has more visitors.

Scientists in Florida keys is working to maintain the coral reefs for future generations. An innovative program to nurture and to plant the farm-raised corals onto struggling reefs by The Key Largo’s coral restoration foundation. The coral restoration foundation invites volunteers with dive experience to plant corals onto struggling reefs. Giving hopes to reefs around the world.

02: Islamorada

Chartering a boat with an experienced captain is one of the best ways to ensure an unforgettable fishing experience. Islamorada is said to be a fishing heaven. Islamorada and Upper keys are considered for fishing capital. Must see is Islamorada is History of Diving Museum which displays dive equipment’s though out the ages beautifully preserved to tell the story of man’s quest to conquer the oceans deep.

03: Marathon

Marathon is a 16-mile group of islands in the Florida Keys. Keys are the great place to become a certified scuba diver. Those who are not much experience in scuba diving, Keys offers another way to enjoy its rich underwater sanctuaries. combining the simplicity of snorkeling and experience breathing underwater you have got snuba! Instead of having tanks of air strapped to your back swimmers get their air through long hoses connected to tanks on a pontoon raft at the surface. This way beyond snorkeling, it’s basically scuba diving on a leash.

04: Big pine key and lower keys 

The wide open spaces of big pine key and lower keys refresh its visitors. The most natural keys are here in Big Pine keys. Less crowd and beautiful wildlife. Great white herons, tiny key deer are some of many wild beauties.The tranquil waters of the Lower Florida Keys is an excellent locale for exploring nature by kayak. The quiet, shallow backwater of the flats and mangrove forest is largely untraveled, unspoiled, and teeming with fascinating plant and animal life. While kayaking you’ll see one of the world’s most diverse marine life Ecosystem.


The lower Florida keys are also known for beautiful laid-back beaches.where the snorkeling is amazing! In fact, Sandspur beach at Bahia Honda State Park near big pine key has repeatedly been voted one of the America’s best beaches.

05: Key West

Famous Duval street in the Key West is the Carnival of Florida Keys.Taking the tour in the Duval street you will find restaurants, bars, and Art galleries.At dusk, everyone gathers for the sunset celebration. This place known for various things such as Fishing, Watersports,  historic sites etc. Key West is also popular for spectacular wreck diving.
Some wrecks fell due to bad weather or poor navigation, others were sunken purposely to create artificial reefs. For the past few years, Florida has developed one of the largest artificial reef programs in the world. Some of them lie along the Florida key, Shipwreck Heritage Trail, stretching from Key Largo all the way to key west. Divers in the keys can find everything from 18th-century shipwreck sites to the wreck modern military ships.In Florida keys, artists and artisans are as plentiful as the palm tree and key lime pie.

The keys colorful heritage of art and culture has attracted writers, musicians, poets, musicians and performers from all over the world. Old key west has a large collection of museums like Mel Fisher Maritime Museum etc. You can discover here greatest sunken treasures and famous shipwreck of the Atocha. Sometimes Seafood festivals present in street parties, music festivals, art shows etc.

Florida Keys Travel book :

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Places to stay :

If you want to Visit the Florida Keys for an unforgettable adventure and travel please feel free to visit here. For your consideration, we are provided the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do with this highly curated Florida Keys travel guide.

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