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Ebook torrent : textbook torrenting sites

Top 5 best Ebook Torrent site

Textbook torrenting sites: Reading books is a good habit for all aged persons. Books help us to lead our life in a new way. We can able to know about new things through books. But sometimes we didn’t get enough time to go market and buy books. In this situation, the easiest way is to buy books online or download it. Nowadays, eBook Torrent sites to download books are getting famous. There are numerous free eBooks are found on torrent sites. Most of all eBook torrent websites contain electronic books that are already in a suitable format for the digital readers and all electronic gadgets like smartphones, kindle, laptops, tablets, etc.

Textbook torrenting sites :

01: zooqle


People whom do not enjoy to carry large books and don’t want to destruct their favourite paper covers, they can download their desired books from zooqle.com. It is a popular torrent site for download eBooks. This site has different categories like the movie, tv show, actor, etc. The most amazing fact about this site is it has audio books. If anyone wants to listen to any prose, poetry, thrilling stories can download audiobooks from here. It contains all types of books such as horror, comedy, thriller, fairy tales, etc. 

02: Freebookspot


Another best eBook torrent site is freebookspot.es. It is a free eBooks link library. On this site, you can find almost any category books and download it for free. They have more than 90 categories free eBooks links. You can find engineering, scientific, fiction, programming and numerous classes of books. The most important thing is that, to download books from this site, you don’t need to register. But you can add comments as a member by a short and free registration process. You can also add books on this site. For this purpose, you have to add some information about the book.

03: ebooks-share


This site is a private tracker e-learning portal. It provides eBooks and audiobooks. It was activated in 2008. This site contains all categories of eBooks such as history, science, fiction, technology, health, romance, fitness, business, antiques, biography, study aids, children’s, poetry and also travel. It has even thousands of tutorials, audio books, educational movies and many documentaries. If you want to read a specific novel or to look for a particular author, you can search it from search navigation. On this site, all free eBooks have come with a genre, a summary, the author information. For my views, This site is the best torrent sites.

04: 1337x


1337x.to is one of the largest distributors of so many books. This site is free, fast and easy for any publisher or author anywhere in the world. It contains so many categories such as books, anime, movies, applications, tv library, movie library, music, television, etc. it has different types of eBooks like romance, health, fiction, fitness, antiques, study aids, poetry, history, science, etc. Anyone can sort books by time, size, seeders, leechers, etc. To download books from this site, you need not get registered. It is one of the most comfortable eBook torrent sites.

05: Many books 


The slogan of Manybooks.net is “The best eBooks at the best price: free!”. Yes, you can and download your desired books from this site at free of cost. There are more than 29000 eBooks available on this site for Nook, iPad, Kindle and other readers. All of them are free. It has a library for browse books such as favourite, authors, languages, genres, titles, recommended, etc. This site contains a large number of classic horror books for horror freak people. It also has adventure books, romantic books, children’s books, science fiction, mystery and thriller, literary fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, biographies & history, action & adventure and much more. 

So, this is the Top 5 Ebook Torrenting Sites Hopefully; you like this post. If you think this article is helpful, don’t forget to share with others. Subscribe us for latest news and updates.



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