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Diabetes During Pregnancy : Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy: Are you Good with uncontrolled carbohydrates? What if my blood sugar is not under control, I have no problem. I’m pretty good. Many diabetic patients live with this idea. Those who believe in this idea, they are making serious mistakes.

The question is, why?
Because, diabetes is a lifelong disease that can not be perfectly good, but it can lead to a healthy living, keeping in control and avoiding complications and risks.

Diabetes is more prone to chronic or slow complications than complex complications. They seem to be silent, uninterrupted. What are those

– Eyes in the eye and other parts of the eye can also cause blindness
– Kidney ineffectiveness
– Decreased feeling or feeling in the hands and feet, nerve damage
– Foot wounds or wounds-diabetic feet
– Disrupted blood circulation system
– Frequent infections, urinary excretion with urine, indigestion, inflammation of the gums, itching, boil, pancreas, etc. also uncontrolled diabetes. You may not know that these problems are due to your lack of control of sugar.

Not only these, but, more and more, it can happen suddenly, and at the moment it makes life difficult. For example, uncontrolled diabetes increases the risk of bleeding in heart attacks, stroke or brain several times. Due to repeated abortions of the girls, childbirth in the womb or the birth of the child with disabilities – it may also be because the sugar is not controlled. So shake the wrong idea and keep the control of the sugar strictly, ensure future well-being.

Diabetes During Pregnancy :

Preparation for Diabetic Women’s Mom

About half of reproductive patients with diabetes are women. 2 to 5 percent of women during pregnancy can get diabetes. Of these, 87.5 percent of the mothers were born with diabetes, and 12.5 percent of the mothers had diabetes before pregnancy.

For those diabetic women who want to have children, they need additional precautions and correct prefabrication. Because the complications of diabetes, such as retina-kidney-nerve-bleeding, can be more complicated in pregnancy. Those whose sugar is not controlled, they have more risk of different complications during pregnancy. For example abortion, pre-eclipse, pregnancy before birth. High blood sugar in the mother’s blood can cause various harm to the baby, such as a death in the womb, disability, obesity, multiple trauma, etc.

It is important to start preparing for pregnancy in women at least three months before diabetes.

Mental preparation

When planning a child, every mother and her family with diabetes should know in detail and accurately how diabetes and the pregnancy affect each other, what complications can arise and how it is prevention and remedies.

Proper eating habits

Before nourishment, help the nutritionists to develop a balanced but nutritious diet in control of sugar before the child is born. Use 5 milligrams of applied acid tablets daily from pregnancy planning to 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is beneficial to prevent complications of the baby’s nervous system. If you have anemia, consult a doctor.

Right weight gain during pregnancy

Come to the right weight to avoid complications in pregnancy. Those BMIs 27 or more, weight loss is essential.

Controlling sugar during pregnancy

Measure blood sugar before and after two hours of eating at home, and keep them under 6 and 5 and eight respectively. Earn below average HBA1c6 .5. To achieve the right level of sugar, start using insulin by changing mouth-watering medicine from three months before pregnancy.

Accessory medicines

Those who are using THAYZID ARB-based medication for high blood pressure, change them before pregnancy and use other types of drugs to treat blood pressure as per the doctor’s advice. During pregnancy, red blood fat or cholesterol cannot be consumed.

Different complications including diabetes

Before pregnancy, diagnose the complications of retinal diabetes, kidney complications, and whether blood vessels are present, treat it if necessary. Because this can increase in fertility. Smoking or alcohol must be avoided.

Very risky pregnancy

Kidney’s complexity is that of the blood, creatinine 2 milligrams or more, the CCR is less than 45 ml/min, the amount of protein in the skin is 2 grams or more, the highest level of retinal complexion, blood-related HbA1c, 10 percent or more- all of these pregnancies Risky.

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