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Top 6 Content Writing Companies

Content Writing Companies

Top 6 Content Writing Companies: Content writing is one of the prominent work. To become a content writer, you have to fulfill some criteria. Such as strong command in a language, Internet connection, and a computer. That’s it. Significantly, content writing becomes very popular day by day. Are you a new writer? Wanted to start your career as a qualified content writer? Subsequently, our today’s topic will assist you a lot. Yes friends, today our question is top 6 content writing companies that dominating content marketing. So, without delay let’s start.

Content Writing Companies

01. Text Master

Text Master

Text Master is the proper platform that you are looking for.?. Fundamentally, Text Master is a tech company. It provides multiple offers including professional content writing for the web, proofreading, and translation. Chiefly, more than thousands of employees are working under Text Master from all over the world. In fact, more than 4,500 customers of 110 countries have made Text Master one of the leading company in less than five years in Europe. Another critical point of this platform is, writers are allowed to assign their work in the native speaking language. Moreover, you will get the proper salary for your work.

02. Crowd Content

Crowd Content

The motto of Crowed Content is ‘Clients with the easiest and fastest method for high-quality sourcing content.’ It proposes various types of works. Such as blog posting, product description, meta-data, e-books, press releases, newsletters, SEO contents, etc. For instance, both clients and writers can open an account for free. Moreover, clients can pay using credit cards or PayPal. You can get 2.2 – 1.2 cents per word. Also, get rated on the scale of 1 to 4 stars.

03. iWriter


iWriter is one of the most popular platforms for content writing. Comparatively, iWriter is the easiest, fastest and a reliable site. Furthermore, 1000 writers of the world are working in it. iWriter allows clients to offer freelancers write on a topic that’s length is from 140 to 1100 words in one hour. At present, the lowest payment for an article is $1.25.

04. Brafton Content

Brafton Content

Brafton Content focus on marketing strategies with the scientific approach. Since 2008 to until now, it is the top listed writing company. This leading company situated in America. In the meantime, Brafton requires extraordinary services including blog posting, content writing, graphics design, ghostwriting, etc. You can only once sign up for free. What are you waiting for..? Sign up quickly and get hired.

05. Writer Access

Writer Access

The founder of Writer Access Byron White is respectively an author and entrepreneur. Writer Access provides content writing, white papers, blog posts and so on. To post a job, a client must place a deposit then search writers. Also, clients can give 2 to 6 stars to writers according to their work and pay $.02 to $2.00 per word. This company is very relevant for the big budget project. But they need all US-based writers. Customers reviews of this site are also eminently satisfactory. So, if you are looking for a relevant site, then you are going for Writer Access.

06. Express Writers

Express Writers

We have come to our last content writing company, and that is Express Writers. They assert themselves as ‘Content Agency with high standards.’ Express Writers is a USA based company. Writers of this company provide the most intellectual contents. Words and prices of the articles vary on the need of clients. It offers scriptwriting, copywriting, info-graphics, blog posting and much more. If you are new in this profession, this company seems quite aggressive to you. To establish as a professional writer in this company, you have to constitute a good portfolio.


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