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Top 6 Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools: Do you think to start a new business? Subsequently, it is pretty efficient if you confirm that  will be your most aggressive competitor. Analyzing a competitor will able you to know the formal strategy. This strategy will assist you to be successful business. At the present time, there are so many analyzing tools are available in every search engine. We have generated a list of details of 6 best competitor analysis tools. So without delay, let’s start.

Competitor Analysis Tools :

01. SEO Book

SEO Book

In our list, the highest competitor analysis tool is SEO Book Competitive Research Tools. It offers various tools such as free firefox extensions, analytics tools, keyword tools, competitive research, keyword research, link analysis, pay per click tools, hub finder, local rank, domain name finder, rank checkers, etc. Including all of these tools, they also offer various pieces of training like website credibility, SEO training, video, and audio, etc. By using this tools you will be able to know your competitors strength and your weakness. Moreover, it also serves blogs where you can find all solution to your problems. In addition, it has a free 7-day course for beginners. For this purpose, you just need creating a free account. That’s it. Shortly, SEO Book Competitive Research Tools is a complete package of competitor analysis.

02. SEMrush


Since 2008, SEMrush has dominated as a competitor analysis tool. It established its journey as an IT specialist and small group of SEO. By SEMrush, you can analyze the paid traffic of your competitor. It considers two versions. Whatever, you can use 30 days trial versions. But trial version will grant you confined reports of backlinks, paid and organic traffic. Together with, this tool will permit you to know that for a given keyword, the number of URLs comes from the search result page. In addition, it provides the pieces of information of organic position distributions and top 10 organic keywords. These are useful for PPC advertising.

03. SimilarWeb


Are you want to analyze your competitor’s online marketing channel? Subsequently, SimilarWeb is the ideal choice for you. SimilarWeb tool serves website analysis, industry analysis, app analysis, that are based on PPC and SEO keywords, Traffic Sources, popular pages, etc. By using this tool you can compare your strategy with your competitor. As well as it will permit you some unique advantages. This tool will resist you to obtain the opportunities, and gaps make your marketing campaign very much efficient.

04. Spyfu


Spyfu is another leading tool. This tool is for especially monitor the AdWords activity of your competitor. Furthermore, it will promote you to recognize the mistakes that your competitor has done. You also can check the strategy of your competitors and recognize the mistakes. It will promote you to formulate a comparatively cleverer strategy.

05. Adbeat


Text advertisement frequent the principal focus of Adbeat. Through this tool, you can trace your competitor’s text creativities and ad creativities. At the same time, Adbeat provides MSN Content Network, Google Display Network, Double click, Pulse360, Adsonar and 20 other networks. Moreover, you can acquire your competitor’s full timeline overview. It will contain your competitor’s ad network activity. As well as you can get the loftiest publishers list.

06. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye

Last but not the least competitor analysis tool is Keyword Eye. This tool will contribute the information of both paid and organic search for your competitor. As well as result of keyword searches of the last month, your competitor, and their chosen keywords. In short, this tool will give your competitor’s complete and clear overview within some seconds. This tool is profoundly user-friendly. You will encounter no difficulty to utilize this tool.

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