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5 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tool

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5 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tool: Technically, Broken links are those links that provide to search engine 404 status code. These are a nonexisting web page. Broken links are not good for any site. It damages any site greatly. Thus, some visitors get irritating with it. However, if you correct them, it can spread traffic. This may give substantial revenue for your business. But if you think you will find and fix them one by one then my advice is to think twice. It will take your enormous time. For this purpose, today I come to you with another topic. Our today’s topic is 5 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tool. So, without delay, let’s start.

01. Broken link check

Broken link check

This amazing tool can scan more than 3000 pages at a time. Especially, it will get knowing all the bad host and broken links of your site. It will give extensive details including broken links and source URL. This will make your work easier. The free version of this tool can scan only 3000 pages. Whether your site is containing more than 3000 pages, you can go through the paid version. You can run this tool in windows as well as Linux and iOS. Broken link check is the best free broken link checker tools.

02. Dead link checker

Dead link checker

Dead link checker is a famous broken link checker. It is completely free of cost. This tool will check your site thoroughly. As well as, it finds all the broken links whose are damaging your site. However, this tool contains two options. One is Multi-check and another is auto check. For checking multiple sites, you can use multi-check. On the other hand, to check your site, you can use the auto check. Moreover, you can check more than 1000 pages of a site. In the result sheet, it provides source URL and broken links with the highlighter.

03. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

Here is another popular broken link checker named Google Webmaster tool. This tool is also absolutely free. It has some additional features beyond link checking. Many exciting features including sitemap, indexing, missing images, contents and can solve crawling related problems. Moreover, it will notify you after scanning your full site. You will find plenty options in this tool. Google Webmaster tool is one of the authenticate tools. In short, you can operate it blindly.Webmaster tool is the best online broken link checker.

04. Power mapper link 

Power mapper link Checker

Are you are looking for a tool where you can scan unlimited web pages with free of cost? Then I have a clever solution for you. You can use Power mapper link Checker. It can work for internal as well as external links. This tool is quite efficient and very fast. Options for this tool are very basic. All you need just enter the desired URL and search. Furthermore, it has a specialty. It introduces to you with the broken links in the HTML part of your site. Additionally, the scanning capacity of this free tool is 3000 including unlimited hyperlinks. You can possess this amazing tool on Windows, Linux/UNIX, iOS and Mac OS X.

05. Check My Links

Check My Links

A popular plugin for Google Chrome is Check my links. The essential duty of this tool is to check dead links from the entire website. Basically, Check my links is an extension of chrome. This tool plays a vital part for web designers, content editors, and developers. This tool may quickly find all the links and check practically one by one for you. Moreover, for capturing your attention, it shows the result with the highlighter. It recognizes which links are valid and which are broken. You can use this extension absolutely free of cost.

How to Check broken links : 

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