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How To Take Care of Black Baby Hair

Black Baby Hair

Black Baby Hair Care: The hair care routine for your kids’ hair may be different depending on their lifestyle and the type of hair they have. However, the basics remain the same, and you can give good enough care to your little one’s hair through regular shampooing and oiling, regular hair-cuts and daily grooming. With proper hair care right from the early childhood, your kids can expect to have strong and healthy hair as they grow up.

Sometimes, things as simple as using the wrong baby hair brush can damage your kids’ hair and, therefore, you need to be cautious about taking care of it the right way. Here we had some tried and tested hair care tips that you need to follow to give your kids’ hair the care it deserves.

Black baby hair care :

08: Detangling

It can sometimes get tearful when you are dealing with those tangles in your kid’s hair, especially when you have long hair to deal with. You should encourage your kids to comb their hair on their own after washing it so that it is untangled before it all gets dry. Using the wide-tooth comb instead of a hairbrush is also advisable because it can help promote shine while minimising breakage at the same time.

It is advisable to comb your kid’s hair whenever you see it’s getting a bit messy. Also, comb in gentle strokes for avoiding hair breakage. It will also help prevent excessive tangles in your kids’ hair. Remember, preventing those tangles in the first place is far better than removing them.

07: Keep The Hair Moisturized

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Probably, the best process of ensuring that your kid maintains best hair health is to apply a top quality hair oil to keep it all moisturised. It is common for kids’ hair to get too dry and, therefore, you should figure out a way to keep it moisturised and nourished. One good way to do that is to add some jojoba oil or olive oil to their shampoos as well as conditioners. With regular oiling, your kid will be able to grow their hair long and thick within no time. Remember, the best approach is to stick only to the water-based moisturising options as it helps ensure that the hair remains soft. Natural oils including argan oil, shea butter and coconut oil should be used for nourishing and lubricating the nose of your child before you try to style it.

06: Rely On Mild Shampoos

When it comes to washing your kids’ hair, you must only rely on mild shampoos so that it may not sting the eyes of your little one. Besides, if they’re old enough to have a bath on their own, teach them to use fingertips instead of fingernails for massaging the shampoo into their scalp. Also, try to find out something that is natural and chemical-free so that it may not cause any damage to their hair whatsoever. The frequency of hair washes should vary depending on the type of your kids’ hair because dry hair might require you to shampoo less often as compared to oily hair. So, you should decide accordingly.

05: Regular Haircuts Can Play A Part

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Taking your kid for haircuts regularly is essential to keep their hair healthy. If you have a daughter and she wants to grow it long on top, a casual trim every 6-8 weeks would be helpful in guarding against the split ends.

04: Be Careful With Hair Accessories

While there is no harm in using hair accessories like clips, ties and hairbands, you just need to be careful here. You can come across hair accessories with sharp teeth which can be harmful to their scalp and can end up damaging their hair as well. So, it is advisable that you better avoid such hair accessories.

03: Deal With Common Issue

Yes, kids often get into something awry which can damage their hair. So, you have to be prepared to deal with some common issues that may arise with your kids’ hair. Let’s take a look at of them and how you can deal with it.

02: Removing Gum From The Baby’ Hair

For removing gum from the kids’ hair, you don’t necessarily have to cut it short. Instead, some vegetable oil or creamy peanut butter can be used for that purpose. Make sure that the gum is covered completely with oil or peanut butter and then it is allowed to sit in for some time. For applying the product, you can use a toothbrush or your fingers for proper application. Finally, you can now remove gum from your kids’ hair and then wash it.

01: Removing Glue From Baby’ Hair

If your kid has ended up with some glue into their hair, you can use conditioner to remove it effectively. Just shower some water over it to make the hair wet and then use conditioner over the selected area that covered with the glue. Once applied, leave the conditioner there for almost 20 minutes or so and then remove glue from their hair using a comb. In case, if the conditioner doesn’t seem to work, then you can use baby oil as an alternative. Make sure you leave the oil applied for around 20 minutes as well.


So, proper hair care is always necessary to keep your kids’ hair looking great and healthy. Just follow the tips given above if you don’t want to face all the troubles with damaged and unhealthy kids’ hair.