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Best Pedometer Apps and Step Counter Apps For Android

5 Best Pedometer Apps and Step Counter App For Android

Best pedometer apps and step counter app for Android: Regular exercise is genuinely very beneficiary for health. For that purpose, you need to track your regular activity. But it is pretty problematic for some persons. However, there is one solution for you. You can follow your steps using Pedometer. This app will set your target steps. As well, count every step of you. You can get many pedometer applications in Google play store. But all of them are not sufficient enough. For this reason, I will provide you detail idea on five best pedometers and step counter apps for Android. So, let’s start.

Best Pedometer Apps For Android :

01. Google Fit

On our list, the first pedometer is Google Fit. In substance, this app is free of cost. This app is a right combination of various activities including keep track of steps, operations, time and so on. Google fit integrates with Xiaomi Mi bands together with OS Smartwatches. Moreover, it supports other apps like Strava, Runkeeper, My Fitness Pal, Sleep as Android, Lifesum and so on. This app is perfect as a pedometer. At present, this app contains no ads. So start exercise from today and stay healthy.

02. Pedometer


Well, the second step counter app for android is Pedometer. Along with steps count, you can find the distance, miles per hour, how many calories you have burned as well walking time. For tracking your burned calories, it will take your age, height, and weight. All you need select the start button and the app will start counting. This app will show graphs of your progress significantly. You may feel to irritate because of its advertising. However, it is the best app for planned workouts. So if you are thinking to start planned exercises, then you can go through Pedometer.

03. Runkeeper

Runkeeper One of the most famous apps as a pedometer is Runkeeper. In fact, this app can track your walk and run differently. Moreover, this app renders your fitness routine, workout tracking, progress reports, goals and much more. Along with, it has some feature to motivate you. Like exercise rewards, community challenges. If you are lazy to do exercise, you can try it. However, it incorporates both free and paid versions. Most of the people use the free version as the price of the paid version is a little bit higher. But the paid version contains better progress support, better workout support, etc.

04. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run

Zombies run Is the top-rated app that uses for fitness. This app is different from others. The process of this app is amusing. They will tell you an exciting story part by part. After hearing one piece, they will give you a target. To listen to next section, you have to walk. If you don’t do it, you will lose the game. However, this app won’t count every step. It just measures the distance you walked. Zombies run Offers both paid and free versions. Free versions allow you some of the first missions. On the other hand, the paid version will let you all purposes. You need to pay $3.99 per month or $24.99 per year to use the paid version.

05. Samsung Health

Samsung Health

Samsung Health also known as S Health is a handy app. It contains all the features that will keep your healthy. Moreover, it will help you to keep your body fit. However, Samsung Health will record your daily exercise and analyze it. It keeps you to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can set your daily target. Furthermore, you can see the total distance that you have walked or run per day as well the number of calories.

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