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6 Best messenger apps and chat apps for Android!

Best messenger apps android

Best messenger apps android: Using messenger apps has become increasing day by day. People become habituate of it. The messenger plays an essential role in instant and constant communication. It gives excellent service with plenty of benefits. We can send a short text, voice and video calling, voice message, photos as well as files through the messenger. To give the idea about some of these apps, today I have come with six best messenger apps and chat apps for Android. So let’s start.

Best messenger apps android

01. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a Best messenger apps android. Facebook published two chat app. One is the regular version, and another is the lite version. The regular version has so many exciting features such as stickers, chat head, GIF, my day, emojis, and so on. On the contrary, the lite version is only a first chat app with fewer features. If you don’t like any unnecessary elements, then you can use Facebook lite. The provocative thing is you can use both of these in free of cost.

02. Google Allo and Google Hangouts

Google Allo and Google Hangouts

Both Google Allo and Google Hangouts are messenger apps. Allo is the new version. Allo consists of Google assistant and other kinds of stuff including incognito chat, GIF support, stickers, Google Duo, stickers and much more. Both PC and phones can support this app. On the other hand, Google hangout is the more established one. It also consists of voice and video calls, messaging, stickers and few other features. Both of them are decent chat apps. Both of them are also free of cost.

03. Skype


Skype is one of the famous messenger apps androids. However, you can video call, voice call, text chat, share photos together with the file using Skype. Moreover, it has a feature that you can call any person with their real phone numbers. This app may contain so many extra elements that are not so useful. Mainly, using Skype is depend on your need. Also, you can enjoy group video and voice call over Skype. This app supports most of the documents, files, GIF and so on. Also, you can use it for free.

04. Snapchat


Snapchat is different from other messenger apps for Android. Nevertheless, Snapchat is most popular in young generation and celebrities. Like other messengers, it also offers video, audio and text messages. Messages are auto-deleted after viewing. In fact, it doesn’t contain any history. But it has Snapchat Stories that expires after 24 hours. It includes so many funny filters for the photo as well as video snaps. You can also edit your photo by this app. Furthermore, you can also update your status on this app.

05. Telegram


If you are profoundly concern about privacy, then telegram may assist you. It has 2048 bit RSA encryption as well as 256 bit symmetrical AES encryption. Telegram considered the safest messaging apps. It also featured text chat, cross-platform support, GIF support, file sharing, group chat and so on. It will keep all of your data secrets. Telegram become very popular within a short time. Numerous people use this app now.

06. WhatsApp


No one doesn’t know about WhatsApp. The massive popularity of this app attracts people. It has become one of the favorite messenger apps. WhatsApp is a messaging app for Android. It has many exciting features with rapid updates. WhatsApp featured with text messages, voice and video calls, group chats, GIFs, can share video, photos, location, documents, contacts and much more. This app is accessible, famous and influential. As you enter a new entry in your mobile connection, WhatsApp will update it in its contact database. The most exciting thing is, it is free with in-app purchase. Besides, WhatsApp contains end-to-end encryption that keeps your data private and secure.

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