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7 best FPS games for Android 2019

best FPS games for Android

7 best FPS games for Android: The Android phone becomes part and parcel of our everyday life. Nowadays, numerous peoples are utilizing Android phones. It has so many features. One of the best features of Android is its games. First Person Shooter knew as FPS is a viral game of Android. Every season, it attaches to so many exciting features. Well, today I am going to distinguish you about seven best FPS games for Android. Without delay, let’s start.

01. Critical Ops

Critical Ops commonly knew as C-Ops. It is one of the favourite FPS games for Android. You can taste the flavour of terrorist warfare. You assigned as a counter-terrorist of a critical operation. Nevertheless, you can compete in this game with your friends online. Together with, you can show your efficiency by placing on the top of the scoreboard. In this game, you can find so many weapons and gadgets. One more provocative thing is you can obtain this game for free of cost.

02. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 was developing by BadFly Interactive, a.s. This game takes Android gaming to the next level. Dead Effect 2  featured RPG elements as well as sci-fi shooter. In this game, you must track the story, instruct and amplify your character. Also, you need to upgrade your gadgets, weapons as well as gears. You will get amazed when you see the graphics of this game. You can relish it as a realistic game. The total atmosphere, sound as well as movie quality is outstanding.

03. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is another famous as well as a fully decorated game. You can enjoy 3D sci-fi experience from the initial episode of NOVA saga. The graphics of this game are just amazing. You can get new weapons, outfits, gadgets on its every update. You can download it from Google play store at free of cost. On there, it is rate with 4.5 stars.

04. Morphite

Crescent Moon Games developed Morphite. It is newer among all FPS games in Android. It is considered the completest game of 2019. You may find similarity with No Man Sky. In this game, you may need various creatures, landscapes, and planets. Morphite featured with the beautiful poly look, puzzle solving, excellent sound system, and so on. Also, you can download this game for free of cost from Google play store.

05. Into the Dead 2

What will you undertake if you need to pass days with Zombies? How can you endure? It is the primary theme of this game. You will move on a journey to preserve your family. Dress with sufficient and necessary weapons. You can accomplish whatever you need to survive. You can consider the authentic thrill of this game. So, what are you waiting for ? Go to Google Play store and download it for free.

06. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper developed with the flavor of Agent 47 by Square Enix Ltd. You can enjoy fantastic sniper experience in this game. This game featured with Zombies, tactical missions, over than 155 mission with 11 different targets along with 20 weapons from distinct categories. Well, unlike other games of this list, Hitman Sniper is a paid game. You can bring in this game at $ 0.99.

07. Guns of Boom

On our list, the last FPS game is Guns of Boom. Inherently, this game featured with online PvP combat, bold battles, different cartoon style characters, excellent graphics, plenty of weapons as well as loot box system. If your enemy is very close to you, the game auto fire all of them and keep you safe. Besides, you can download this game for free.

So, these are the points that are describing top 7 “best FPS games for Android” You Should Buy.

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