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Best app locker for Android 2019

Best app locker for android

Best app locker for Android: With advancements in mobile technology, mobile cybersecurity threats are also increasing. Now it’s high time that we start caring about important smartphone security as they are more than just a communication device.

Maintaining online privacy is indeed tricky. However, we should not overlook the dangers of offline protection. To keep others from prying into the mobile phone and get a sneak peak of our text messages, photos and what not it is essential to lock the apps on our device.

The App Locks available not only helps in securing other apps but also helps in hiding the gallery folder or massaging folders of a device.

Among the vast numbers of apps available on the Google Play Store, the following described below are the top 10 best app lock for android.

Best app locker for android :

01. Applock


To make life easier DoMobile has developed a beautiful utility app called AppLock which comes with useful features and reliable function along with easy to start operations.

Being the most downloaded app lock, this Android-based app lock lets locking any app using pattern, pins, passwords or even fingerprints. With this app installed one can share their device easily without any hassle since the secret apps can be both hidden or locked with the help of this app.

Opening the app one is asked first to set up email and then configure an unlock pattern. Once the design is configured, the user is then provided with a list of all the apps which can be locked and secured. In addition to all of its excellent security features such as time locks, location locks, security questions, power saving modes and others, it’s a free app which is indeed worth a try.

02. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock

Being just 1.4 MB in size App Lock – Fingerprint Unlock is developed by the Cheetah Mobile who is also the developer of Clean Master. If one hates ads or other booster features, then this is the perfect one.

This app is simple and easy to use to lock apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, incoming calls and what not. Fingerprint Unlock is the best app lock for android.

03. AppLock (by IV MOBILE)

AppLock (by IVY MOBILE) comes with lots of options such as hidden patterns, passwords or pins to lock the apps. It is bothering when someone else needs to assess the smartphone, and one has to enter the unlock code or pin every time the screens blackens out after an interval.

However, fear not as the AppLock for android users comes in handy in this particular type of situations. This security app allows locking individual users, system apps, downloaded apps such as Facebook, Messenger and what not.

Anybody trying to pry over the device with wrong passwords will have his or her selfie captured automatically by the ‘Intruder Selfie’ option if this app is installed in the machine and is under use.

Another cool feature of this app is that it has a Fake Cover Function to disguise the app under cover of Calculator or Weather or any other widget so that nobody knows that the phone is under the privacy control of AppLock.

04. App Locker

App Locker

App Locker is another of the best security apps which can do the basics of locking up and protecting specific apps and even games.

With the App Locker the gallery pictures can be safely locked, and as such, there is nothing to worry if a friend borrows the mobile for a short time.

If the fake user is trying to assess the mobile, the app will force close the system thereby protecting it from the spy.

05. App Lock: Fingerprint Password 

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock Fingerprint Password comes from the makers of KeepSafe and happens to be one of the best and easiest android locking app with essential privacy guard.

This app locker is clean and comfortable to use both regarding function and looks. In addition to its excellent features, one of the other essential function of it is that it prevents apps from being uninstalled.

So, one does not needs to worry if his or her kid is playing with the mobile phone as no app can be deleted or uninstalled without the user’s consent. Digital life is indeed much secured with App Lock Fingerprint Password.

06. Norton App lock

Norton App lock

When it comes to technology security, Norton is a big name, and surprisingly they also have a free app locking application for those who want a more hands-off approach.

One can use the four-digit pin, pattern or password options available in this app. If the smartphone is shared, lost or stolen this particular app comes with real help as it protects sensitive information stored in the apps installed very securely. One does not need to fear about the battery being drained if this app is in use.

07. Perfect App Lock

Another one of the app locks out there is the Perfect App Lock which features the basics of locking the apps. Installing this app for the first time, one will be provided with the lists of apps one can secure and apart from choosing the apps to be locked one can also follow the recommendation which is supplied with the app.

Apart from the essential functions, this app also helps in dealing with embarrassing pocket dial accidents. There is also parental control function which safely keeps app contents private and the sneak peek anti-theft function captures the photo of anyone who fails to unlock the phone with three base attempts.

08. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is another of the free app lock option which can lock apps, photos and keeps almost all sorts of data safe. Apart from the essential features it also provides break-in-alerts, and also has fingerprint scanner capabilities.

However, compared to other app lockers available, this one has a downside, and that is this app can be easily uninstalled once someone gets his or her hand on it.

09. Smart Launcher 5

Just as its name. Smart Launcher 5 is a new launcher but also comes with essential security functions. As such it is listed as one of the best app locking application. Along with the basic launcher options such as icons, themes, gestures and hotkeys this launcher allows to hide apps, protect the apps with a PIN.

10. SpSoft AppLock

SpSoft AppLock

Featuring password, pattern, and fingerprint unlocking SpSoft AppLock is yet another app locking application which is both convenient and easy to use. Along with essential locking functions, this app comes with some extra little features such as displaying fake error messages and so on. In addition to all these, this app also supports over 30 languages.

Nowadays, our phones are not merely the device to communicate instead these phones are holding our very personal data and information which needs to be kept securely. Thus having a security app such as the app locks mentioned above seems quite mandatory.