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Best android podcast app 2018

TuneIn Radio

The Best Android podcast app: Podcast apps are not only just music streaming apps its a full package of entertainment. In fact, these apps help in accessing and managing collections of episodic audio and video files.

In addition to this, these apps also enable users to have the best listening experience. It is mainly because the podcasts app always comes with tons of useful features and tools.

The internet is booming with so many podcasting apps. This is why we have narrowed down our choices to the top ten, and the very best Android podcast apps.

The following is our list of some of the most reliable apps. We hope it will help all the podcast listeners to get an idea and select the particular worthy app which meets all their listening requirements.

The Best Android podcast app

01. CastBox


CastBox is most popular Android podcast app which any music enthusiast should try-out at least once in a lifetime. This android podcast app is an award-winning app. It comes with large library options.

The app lets listeners query and access while also create spoken audio contents. One can create audio materials in multiple languages. In-audio deep search is inbuilt within this app. This allows listeners to customize their experience.

The app is also powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning which all together gives the utmost skill to listeners. It is a pleasant experience to listen to some of the favourite podcasts with CastBox. The fantastic experience is coupled with fun and interesting in-audio search and its vast library.

02. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioMusic experience is further intensified with TuneIn Radio. TuneIn Radio is another of the leading podcast application. It brings live sports and is, in fact, more than just Internet radio.

This app can be accessed from anywhere, be it by using the Android device or from Google Home or even from Amazon Alexa. TuneIn Radio has a clean and clutter-less interface. It comes with endless entertainment which one can enjoy for hours.

03. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is more than just a mere typical streaming music application. With this service, one can have a fantastic experience of audio quality. The pros of it do not end here.

The useful features of this excellent podcasting app include its YouTube integration and tons of music from various categories to dive into. Google Play Music offers listeners practical functionality and also presents affordable plans. Among its three versions, one can listen and enjoy music on any of the platforms such as- web, iPhone, and Android OS.

As for its affordable plans, there are two necessary plans. The third plan is the family plan. Upgrading the app for $9.99 per month will allow downloading music for offline listening, access YouTube Red, enjoy an ad-free listening experience and access Google’s other premium video services. Indeed with its high user rating, Google Play Music is an excellent source of online music streaming and a must-to-try.

04. Podcast GO

Podcast GO

Sanity Audio Apps is the developer of Podcast GO. It is a full-fledged app and is also one of the widespread application on Google Play Store. The podcast enthusiasts love the app, and that is why it has gained four-star ratings on Play Store.

Several reasons make this podcast app favourite among the listeners. First of all its excellent interface is praise-worthy. Secondly, Podcast GO comes with tons of categories and genres to chose any show according to own likings. Thirdly, the elegant podcast app keeps itself updating regularly. Finally, the app is the perfect one for podcast enthusiasts as it meets almost all the essential podcast needs.

05. Podcast Addict

The whole-house audio system is now a dream-come-true with Podcast Addict. It is the perfect app for anyone who wants to listen to music throughout the house.

It is a free music streaming apps which supports wireless speakers. This podcast organizing app gives complete support for Android Wear, Chromecast, and Android Auto.

In addition to this specific feature, it also supports video podcast. Last but not least, this app has the amazing support of internet radio stations which makes the app more feature-rich.

06. Pocket Cast

Pocket Cast is yet another but rather very popular podcast app due to its smooth functionality and modern interface. This app comes with a stable and fresh interface. Coupled with an array of rich settings and options the app syncs across the platform.

The listeners can easily control their download preferences. Music lovers can, in fact, carry out a host of actions using this app. Some activities are for example- building playback podcast, automatic silence-trimming, voice boosting and so many other things.

Pocket Cast with its dark theme delivers a fantastic experience which is hard to express in words. The only downside of this powerful app is that there is no free version of the app available. This feature-rich app costs $3.99, and it is worth it.

07. Spotify

Spotify music

Spotify is another of the noteworthy podcast app which comes with a beautiful user interface. The app is simple and easy to use and is feature-packed. Not to mention, the apps keep on bringing great new looks, polished features, and exclusive contents.

The only two downsides of this top-notch music streaming app are that it lacks lyrics and there is no live radio option.

The stand-out aspects of Spotify are its excellent sound quality. Moreover, there is also an optional desktop app to play locally stored audio files.

08. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is not only just a podcast app, in fact, a social network for sharing audio tracks too. Listeners or artists can create their own SoundCloud profile using this app.

Side by side one can also leave comments while listening to particular music or sound. As for its cons, the app or what you can call a website lacks search options making it tough to search for a specific song to download.

09. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio

Available on many devices, Stitcher Radio is a cool internet radio app. It comes with unique features, and there are various types of talks, and radio shows available to get captivated for hours.

This relatively new app is free to download and mainly focuses on news channels and on-demand radio talk shows. As such some best stations are flawlessly available and they are CNN, Fox and so on.

The useful features of this app include the ability to create custom stations, share the favourites with friends and stay up to date with the breaking of on-demand news.

10. DoggCatcher


\Doggcatcher is one of the oldest and massive duty podcast managers. One can find or search the podcast from a list or by the search option.

The discovery section of the app is user-friendly and very simple. Mainly, the app offers essential functional and much-needed tools.

Another neat feature of this app is its user-friendly configurable options. One can listen to the audio or video podcast in any way he or she likes. There is also a sleep timer to doze off any episode.

In conclusion, we have tried and tested dozens of podcasts apps available. The above ones are our hand-picked best android podcasting apps. Hope our list helps all the podcast enthusiasts to select the most reliable podcast app which is suitable according to the requirements.