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7 Best Android games You should play in 2019!


Best Android games 2019: Android Games is helping to overcome our leisure or boring time effectively. Every year Android games attach to the more exciting match than previous. Nowadays, there are plenty of new games in the play store. We have listed top 7 best Android games of 2019. Nevertheless, some of them are free, and others are a little bit costly. Without delay, let’s start.

Best Android games 2019 :

01. Crashlands


Since 2016, Crashlands is one of the best ratings as well a famous Android game. It incorporates so many exciting features that attracts people so much. The story of the game is on an alien planet, an intergalactic trucker force to crash landed. Your duty to be a spy. Build a base for yourself and retrieve curious things about aliens, gather unique items. Although It seems natural, it is quite complicated. It has both paid and free versions. Cost of the paid version is $4.99. Crashlands is best android games



MADFINGER is one of the successful game in the Android game history. They bear so many FPS titles that are also successful like Shadowgun series, the dead trigger series, and unkilled series. In Shadowgun series both single and multiple players can play. In substance, it is sci-fi shooter game. On the contrary, the dead trigger and unskilled are mission styled zombie shooter game. All of them are free of cost.

03. Minecraft


Minecraft is a famous game for all ages people all over the world. It conveys you to the new world where you beat bad guys, builds stuff, mine stuff can do what you want. However, this game has several updates. This game contains so many new possibilities and new contents. This game support PC. In fact, multiple players can play this game. It offers in-app buy. But it seems al like the free version. Minecraft is a best free android games. So, if you want, can play free version.

04. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2Monument Valley 2 is newly released game.  Theis game mechanics and graphical design of this game are excellent. Basically, in this game, you need full of concentration. It contains the Escher-style puzzle. You have to complete each level that includes the free path using illusions. At present, cost of this game is $4.99


PUBG mobile PUBG mobile is a hit Android game. It crossed more than a million review and ten million downloads. At present, it is free of cost. However, it offers an active control, simple, excellent graphics together with the simple premise. The story of this game is a plane consisting of 100 people suddenly drop on an island. The island contains full of weapons, gear, vehicles and so on. You need to clear play area.

06. Riptide GP Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade

If you are looking for a racer game, then Riptide GP will be the best choice for you. The latest version of Riptide GP is Riptide GP Renegade. Correctly, in this game, you will be represented as a racer. You lost all credentials when you caught in an illegal street race. Your job is to free from here. This game conduct with simple controls, excellent graphics, fun tricks as well as a boost system. Riptide GP is a favorite android mobile game. A good thing about this app is just paid for once and enjoy ads free and in-app purchase free for the lifetime.

07. Vainglory 5V5

Vainglory 5V5

The best MOBA game for Android is Vainglory 5V5. It assists vast characters together with the taste of the previous version. In fact, you can discover more than two dozen characters. You will have only three lanes. Your job is to attack these lanes or defend. You can play this game as a group of 2 or 3 players.

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