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Top 5 Textile Industry in Bangladesh

Textile Industry in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Textile industry: The textile industry in Bangladesh is one of the most important sectors in Bangladesh as Textile industries provide backward linkage support for ready-made garments, the highest foreign currency earners in the country. The textile industry includes spinning, dyeing, printing, finishing and weaving whereas garments industry includes knitwear and ready-made garments.

The garments sector contributes around 82% of the total export earnings, according to export promotion bureau (EPB) data (the Fiscal year 2015-2016). This has been possible because of the largest textile industries in Bangladesh. Their contribution in creating employment opportunity for the country is well recognized. There are many garments and textile industries in Bangladesh that are exporting quality products to the USA and European countries.

The top 5 textile industry in Bangladesh are mentioned below:

Bangladesh textile industry :

01: Square Textiles

Square textile limited was established in 1997 and expanded its operations from one unit to three units in the year 2000. their main manufacturing product is 100% cotton ring sun yearns for hosiery targeting the export-oriented ready-made garments industry. Square Yarns Limited was established in 2006 as an expansion of the textile business. With these textiles, Square started production of the ready-made garments apparel industry in 2002 as Square Fashions Limited. Square textiles, as a whole, produces 90,000 kgs of high-quality yarns every day. With a total investment of US $80.5 million, the group successfully holds a place in the top 10 textile industry in Bangladesh. For more details, please visit: square group.

02: Beximco Limited

From Yarn Spinning to Apparel Manufacturing, Printing, Washing and Packaging, Beximco has established a vertical model of textile to export quality apparel manufacturing. The major productions are yarn spinning, fabric weaving, processing and finishing, apparel manufacturing, sewing thread and label manufacturing, printing, embroidery, washing, and packaging. Established in 1994, Beximco’s major international retail partners are Zara, Calvin Klein, JC Penny, H & M, Arrow, Mother Care, etc. Beximco has the capacity of 288 high-speed air jet looms in its weaving section and a dying and finishing section with a daily capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric. This company is located at the Beximco Industrial Park in Gazipur. For more details, please visit Beximco Limited.

03: DBL Group

Since its establishment in 1991, DBL group has turned into a conglomerate of 22 business concerns, most of which are textile and garments industry. Their business values, environmental suitability and development thoughts have made them hold a place in top 10 textile industry in Bangladesh. DBL Group has created opportunities for more than 28,000 skilled employees with an annual turnover of US $ 365 million for the financial year 2015 – 2016. Their products range from spinning, knitting, dyeing and washing, printing, apparels, packaging, and distributions. Their export clients are international retailers from the USA and Europe. For more details, please visit:  DBL group

04: Standard Group

Standard Group established its textile production in 1984 with a mission to produce quality garments products in an affordable price. the standard group has woven, knit, accessories, washing, dyeing, embroidery and packaging plants with testing laboratories for quality assurance and design house for creative design and sampling. They have a huge global client base in USA, Australia, and European markets. The standard group has unique policies for its 2500 employees including child care facility, maternity welfare, medical facilities and safety training. For more information, please visit:  Standard Group

05:  Asian Apparels Limited   

Asian Apparels Limited established in 1992. The industry is focusing on developing its supplies from expansion. Asian Apparels have 21 companies under their umbrella and are expanding their businesses in knitting, textiles, dyeing, fabrics, washing, packaging and paper mills. Their clients are big Us based retailers like Walmart, Target, H & M, Macy’s, JC Penny, Carter’s etc. With 16% production units and more than 25,000 employees working in the companies, Asian Apparels secure a place in the top 10 textile industry in Bangladesh. They also have a goodwill of maintaining a high code of conduct and creating a healthy working environment for the employees.

Apart from these top 5 textile industry in Bangladesh, there are many textile industries who are flourishing with export revenue and creating job opportunities for hundreds and thousands. These industries are very important for the growth of ready-made garments in Bangladesh as they provide the backward linkage support and supplies to the manufacturers.

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