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AdSense Alternatives : Best Google AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternatives: Online works have made many platforms for everyone to make money. Anybody from any country can make money from home. Blogging is one of the favourite online earning sources. But there is a process. You have to earn money through monetising your website. Many companies want to give advertisement to increase their popularity and to get real customers. They provide an ad too many websites where have massive traffic, And payment depends on the page views.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

01: Midia.net

Midia.net is a most similar to Google AdSense. It’s a Yahoo and Bing Based AdSence company. Midia.net publish digital advertising product for both blogger and company. They provide high paying ads. If you have an excellent blog and if you are looking for Google AdSense alternative then you can apply for Midia.net.

Payment and Payout System:

A. Midia.net give payment after making at least 100$
B. The advertiser can withdraw his money via wire transfer or PayPal.

02: Mgid

Mgid is another online platform to earn money. It was founded in 2008. They provide advertising solution for both advertiser and publisher. A blogger can obtain a good figure of cash through this marketplace. It’s a CPC and traffic exchange business. But you have to need a high-quality website to get approval. There are also need at least a decent traffic. You need a minimum 3000 visitor every day.

Payment and Payout System:

A. They give payment on 30 days on the net basis.
B. They accept traffic and gives average 1$-3$ per unique impression.
C. You will be able to pay out when you will manage to earn at least 25$ in your wallet.
D. You have to withdraw your money through wire transfer or PayPal.

03: Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads Media is an international advertise provider company. They started their journey in 2010, and now they have 1+ billion users per month. As a result, they become a big advertising network for publisher and advertiser. They have able to reach 750 million impressions daily. Otherwise, there is another thing that attracts the advertiser that they provide a good figure of CPM. Propeller Ads Media has a referral system. If someone refers anybody else, then he will get 5% commission from the advertiser.

Payment and payout system:

A. Propeller Ads Media give the opportunity to transfer earned money when an advertiser can make minimum 100$.
B. Propeller Ads Media accept wire transfer and Payoneer to withdraw.
C. You can withdraw via Payoneer when you can make at least 100$, and if you want to withdraw via wire transfer, you have to make at least 500$.

04: Revcontent

Revcontent is another place where a blogger can earn the same as Google AdSense. Also, it is more comfortable and better than Google AdSense for social sites. It’s a content recommendation network. People who have a high-quality website and have a minimum 30k traffic per month only they can apply for Revcontent. Only 2% of people get approval, and 98% of people get a rejection Because they provide the highest CPC for all traffic in the world.

Payment and payout system:

1. It pays on 30 Net terms. Which means you will get paid after one month of making minimum withdrawal amount.
2. The advertiser can withdraw his money through Paypal.
3. The minimum withdraws cash 50$.

05: Amazon Display Ads

If you are looking to monetise your blog, then you can earn via Amazon Display ads. Amazon is the biggest online store. You can earn by display Amazon Ads. They give money to Pay-per-click. If they can buy their product through your link, then they will provide you with a commission. Many people are working in this sector.

Payment and payout system:

A. Amazon pays per click.
B. The client can withdraw his money via debit card/credit. C.Card/PayPal/gift card.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2018!


Google AdSense is a favourite place to get advertisements. They make the connection between blogger and company. But there are also some favourite advertising sites. There you can even get AdS and make money.